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A New Way of Adjusting People. Public Announcement of my New Direction.

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I’ve been frustrated at work lately. “Doc, it hurts, please fix my________ and make it go away.” (enter Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, Diabetes, or whatever symptom or disease). Old Model: Doc assesses with expensive tests, gives diagnosis, and provides some sort of medical therapy (drugs or surgery or “nothing cuz … Find Out More

Thanks friends– that’s a lot of hits!

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Hey gang…. a couple of years ago, my buddy Tobin from phoTobin Photography came to my office and with the help of another buddy, one of Vancouver’s top hip hop instructors, performers, and choreographers– Richard O’Sullivan, we threw together a cute little commercial on “The Power of An Adjustment” that … Find Out More

Welcome to

Welcome to the new re-launch of … Find Out More