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Dr. Nima helps people who are stuck in toxic relationships who, career limbo, and emotional trauma overcome their anxiety and create powerfully aligned relationships by deepening their intimate relationship with the most important person of all: themselves.

How I Learned That Your Deepest Pain Can Be Your Greatest Power

“She’s Dead.”

I’ll never forget the moment I heard those words… It was a Thursday morning in July of 2007.

Gwen was due for a follow up appointment, and I was SO excited to see her.

Three months prior, I delivered her first chiropractic adjustment. At 60, she faced a bunch of physical trauma…

At the time, Gwen was stressed, depressed, and taking a crazy amount of medications for all sorts of conditions. There was barely enough room on the form I gave her to list all her problems out.

And THAT was the worst part of this tragedy…

I went through her x-rays, paid close attention to ALL the symptoms, and performed the adjustments necessary to relieve her of the pain she was coming in for, which thankfully, I did.

And she left us anyway…

Let’s go back to the beginning…

Don’t get me wrong, I believed in Chiropractic then, and I stand by it now and forever.

When I got my first adjustment at the age of 13, I’d never experienced anything like it before… the relief, newfound agility and flexibility was so great, it almost felt like “cheating”.

This magic just HAD to be a part of my life… so I went to Chiropractic school against my parents wishes (as they didn’t really get it and wanted me to be a “real” doctor…)

Early in college I saw someone speak who changed my life forever.

His name was Dr. John Demartini, and he gave a presentation about how our perceptions of pain could be altered into perceptions of gratitude… to help heal anything that is challenged, health-wise.

Up until this point, I never really connected that there was more to healthy living than just a healthy body.

I learned then that the mind is the real decision maker in health. Even if you have the right amount of vitamins, exercise, and green smoothies… if there’s an unhealed mental or emotional wound… then there’s a disruption in your body.

Learning this intellectually, and not at the core of my being turned out to be a huge mistake, and one I hope to correct with this letter I am writing to you right now..

For the next 5 years I studied everything I could get my hands on relating to cognitive healing, including learning directly from Dr. Demartini…

However, I was doing all this for my own personal reasons– not for anyone else.

To the rest of the world, I was just a “chiropractor fixing backs”.

Back to Gwen…

She arrived at my office for her adjustment, as it happens, on a day when my parents had decided to visit, in my perception, loaded in advance with disappointment for their “not-quite-doctor-of-a-son”. I lived like I had something to prove to them (and myself) the entire time.

Gwen and I finished that first session and she started to smile… and then that smile gave way to soft tears…

“I’ve never felt this good in my life,” she said as she hugged me after she got up off the table. She started to walk up to the front desk.

Gwen’s husband who was waiting there saw her standing on her own without any assistance or crutches for the first time in months, and suddenly he began crying too.

Soon enough, everyone in my office that morning, including me (I’m a big wuss) and even my parents all balled our eyes out with joy.

This was the first time that my mom and dad looked proud of their chiropractor son. The whole thing was picturesque, and beyond powerful for me, but as I learned later, a 100% LIE.

Well, “half truth” may be a better way to say it…

See, as I worked with Gwen consistently over the next few months, I was surprised she didn’t show up for her appointment, as it was unlike her to be late. I just assumed that it was because her car broke down… or because she’d forgotten her appointment.

Turns out, Gwen had suddenly passed away from a heart attack the night before.

I got the news… and I just couldn’t believe it.

Didn’t want to believe it.

I fell into a severe state of shock.

How could she just die?

She was so energetic and vital after her last visit just a few days before… the smiles, the hugs and especially the turnaround she made right in front of my parents standing there full of pride. It was the greatest day of my career at the time.

And then it hit me, all at once, like a ton of bricks.

When I put it all together, it makes perfect sense. I had only been focusing on a small piece of a larger problem.

What good is fixing an external problem when the internal state is overlooked? Gwen’s situation screamed for a TRUE solution… and I just gave her a simple band-aid for her body only… Knowing full well that her lifestyle and stories of suffering that contributed to her stress and anxiety were unaddressed.

If I had carried out our healing plan differently… If I immediately performed the methods that I was learning privately, I could have helped Gwen off of her medications… and she could have released her stress… with tools of handling her wounds from the past from broken relationships– which were impacting her life and health today— The true cause of her death.

All of Gwen could have been healed — not just her Sciatica.

This depression colored EVERY area of my life. It led me to deepening my offer for my patients and giving them tools and life skills for a stressful world. I dove deep into learning methods and teaching them to my clients and went all-in with being a “Real” Doctor — which means “Teacher.”

Fast forward 10 years— and I have taken this responsibility on as a “Sacred Duty” to help people stuck in past unresolved relationship crisis and stress heal and get complete.

I’d even started a new intimate relationship with a woman who helped me grow my business, as we both helped couples and individuals solve their crisis as best we could with their relationships.

Even as we struggled with our own ups and downs.

In the end, the only path forward for me, and I hope for you as well, is becoming Powerfully Aligned..

Mind, Body, AND Spirit.

To be able to stand in your truth and hold space for others to do the same as well. To lead with love, and work on completion with past wounds.

Through every recovery I go through, I make discoveries that make my “mess, my message” and use the revelations of healing my wounds as a Sacred Duty to help people heal from the exact same challenges I go through in relationship crises, to offer a powerful shift in life perspective that helps people get unstuck and move forward towards their own purpose.

I didn’t want to LEAVE Chiropractic, I wanted to not be limited by just the mechanical aspects of it anymore, promising myself that I would help heal others more fully, not just from the outside.

I studied at the feet of the greatest teachers in mind and body healing.

After a full ten years of studying under Dr. Demartini, pulling together every modality from various other trainings… I was finally ready to distill what I had learned and go on my own.

The result?

A powerful healing system and methodology, built from the ground up, for anyone who has a felt sense that their lives, relationships, health, and careers are stuck due to past trauma and they don’t know where to begin, tired of being so disconnected from who they are– and unable to have deep and meaningful relationships with others as a result.

The initial name, The Overview Method, came to me while flying back home from Australia, as I noticed the curvature of the Earth… that every part of our world is deeply connected.

Just like the human body…

We are not a random collection of tissues and organs. We’re a SYSTEM.. Everything works together in perfect harmony… healing and growing together… from our blood vessels to our bones, to our subconscious beliefs.

When everything is in alignment, that is…

You could use The Overview Method to improve most physical and mental traumas… but people almost ALWAYS start with…

Broken relationships. Relationships in Crisis.

TONS of travel around the globe reveal one simple truth:

This stuff works if you’re committed to the process.

People recapturing vibrant good health, digestive health, strong minds, bodies, & souls while shedding debilitating trauma, reducing stress on their Nervous Systems (which decrease Chronic Illness), and the crushing defeat of failed relationships.

To your most Powerfully and Intimately Aligned Self,

Dr. Nima Rahmany

Given a big enough “why” people can bear almost any “how”.

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