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If you've been learning from watching my content and found it to be deeply meaningful, I recommend purchasing any of the three-trainings below - they are an extension of the content you're already aware of.

Together, they are the best opportunity for real change and lasting relationships with yourself and others.

As a thank you, we've bundled our trainings into a collection – with an exclusive price just for you. The bundle includes the Inner Child Breathwork Bundle, the Becoming Trigger-Proof Workshop, and the Creating Secure Attachments Workshop.

I wish you well on your path of strength and healing.

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Inner Child Breathwork Bundle

Ever since we were conceived, we have been under the effects of unconscious programming from our parents and caregivers. We are downloading the stress, anxiety, woundings, and traumas from our parents.

As a result, our body keeps the score and we store this unprocessed, unresolved wounding and trauma, causing our nervous system to become dysregulated (or activated) again and again.

When we get triggered, we don’t experience those old traumas in the past… we feel them as though they are happening NOW.

Inner Child Meditation with Breathwork is POWERFUL. It’s a way of using the imagination and storyline to INTEGRATE our adult mind with the child mind, so the two can work HARMONIOUSLY rather than against one another.

Inner Child Meditation is one of the best places to begin to “reparent” the wounded inner child and adapted adolescent into feeling seen, heard, and finally loved for their authentic expression.

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Becoming Trigger-Proof Workshop

Each of us has triggers, or nervous system "activations." Things that set us off and make us feel unsafe in our bodies. Buttons that, when pushed, activate our fight-or-flight and put our backs up against the wall.

And then, we lose our shit.

These triggers come from our unhealed wounds. And while some of them will likely stick around our entire lives, we can learn to heal them ourselves.

We can learn to interrupt the feedback loop that causes these triggers, create a sense of calm, regulate our nervous system, and soothe our anxiety.

And when we do that, these triggers no longer rule us.

They no longer have power over us. It doesn't mean you're Trigger-Less, but you can become Trigger-Proof.

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Creating Secure Attachments Workshop

We model our relationships based on the ones we experienced in the past, for example, parents. For better or worse, we then are compulsively pulled towards repeating the behavior.

If we had healthy role models, this would be no issue. And so we find ourselves trapped in relationship dynamics that endlessly move through the same unhealthy and/or toxic patterns, depending on our attachment styles.

Each of us lives this cycle differently. But the universal truth is that unless we learn how to break these patterns and create secure attachments, we will be forever in their control. In this video workshop, I talk you through the exact steps you need to take to start building secure attachments in your life – whether that's with your current partner, or for a future partner.

You'll understand why you've ended up where you are, and what path you can follow to start building relationships that work, either starting over or transforming the ones that you have currently. A relationship that serves as a home base where you can return to and recharge after a challenging day. A relationship that can easily turn conflict into deeper intimacy.

This is a sneak peek at what happens when you create relationships with secure attachments. Normally $147, you can get started right away by grabbing this workshop for just $97 – I'm gifting you a discount of over 40% as a thank-you for taking the time to go through our process. It means a lot to me.

Remember, you can get all three of the above trainings: The Inner Child Breathwork Bundle, the Becoming Trigger-Proof Workshop, and the Creating Secure Attachments Workshop for only $127.

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This is the first step on the path of deeply authentic, intimate relationships.

It begins with learning the fine and tricky art of loving yourself fully, having healed childhood trauma and dissolved unconscious programming.

You will move forward powerfully, not depending on anyone else to save you or to give you what you need – YOU learn how to give yourself what you need, and will notice you're sharing it with somebody who mirrors back to you the love that you're giving yourself.

Grab the reins. Start with the bundle above.

And when you've started to put what you learn into practice, the time will likely come where it will be right for us to work together on a deeper level, and we can hop on a call with you when you're truly ready to invest in your transformation.

That all starts with the decision you make right now.

Listen, you reached out and applied to do the work for a reason.

I have laid out the path for you.

Are you committed?

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