Based on your results from Dr. Nima's Attachment Style Assessment your Attachment Style is: Anxious

Based on your results from Dr. Nima's Attachment Style Assessment your Attachment Style is:



Master your attachment style and discover how you can create secure, healthy, intimate relationships in your life.

The Overview Experience will show you how.

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Your results indicate that your attachment style is identified as Anxious or Ambivalent. Now, you might be wondering what that means.

Here's a snapshot of your style:


You find yourself constantly yearning for a connection that seems out of reach.


There's a tendency to over-function and over-adapt, often leading to codependency.


You may struggle with saying 'no' or setting boundaries.


You often find yourself second-guessing your actions and intentions in relationships


You might be giving more than you receive, leading to feelings of resentment.


Alone time might be stressful for you, and you may find it difficult to receive.


You have a strong desire to be close to your partner, coupled with a paralyzing fear of losing the relationship.

This pattern can sometimes translate to other areas of your life, like your workplace. The key to transforming this style is becoming aware of it.

So, what can you do about it?

I'm inviting you to the Overview Experience, where we'll dive deep into your attachment style.

Together, we'll explore how you can:


Develop Effective Communication Skills:

Instead of feeling anxious about expressing your needs and desires, you'll learn techniques to communicate effectively, fostering healthier interactions within your relationships.


Boost Your Self-Esteem:

Free yourself from the self-doubt that often comes with anxious attachment. As we work on your inner healing, you'll see your worth and realize that you deserve love and respect.


Build Emotional Resilience:

Equip yourself with tools to better manage your emotions, enabling you to bounce back from setbacks and deal with future emotional challenges.

Enhance Your Capacity for Intimacy:

Overcome the fear of being too much or not enough, and foster deeper, more meaningful connections with your partners.

Transition to Secure Relationships:

With newfound understanding and strategies, you'll navigate your way towards a more secure, fulfilling attachment style that opens the door to satisfying, lasting relationships.
The goal? To build confidence, relieve the obsessive thoughts about your partner's commitment, and create nurturing, supportive relationships.

Imagine a life where you can feel secure in your relationships, trust in enduring love, and no longer constantly seek validation. By attending the Overview Experience, you're taking the first step towards healing, leading to healthier and satisfying relationships without anxiety plaguing your every step.

Ready for transformation? Click below to learn more about for the Overview Experience.

It's time for us to work on creating a better, more fulfilling future for you and your relationships. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.