Based on your results from Dr. Nima's Attachment Style Assessment your Attachment Style is: Insecure-Avoidant

Based on your results from Dr. Nima's Attachment Style Assessment your Attachment Style is:



Master your attachment style and discover how you can create secure, healthy, intimate relationships in your life.

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The results indicate that your attachment style is Insecure-AvoidantWondering what that means?

Here's a rundown:


You crave connection and intimacy but feel uncomfortable when it becomes reality.


There's a constant push-pull dynamic at play in your relationships.


You find it difficult to ask for help, and relationships can feel more draining than nourishing.


Although you long for love, vulnerability is a challenge, often leading you to wall up your feelings.


Needy behavior from others may be off-putting for you, but often, you mistake regular loving behavior for neediness.

Knowing this can be the first step towards creating healthier relationships. But how can you do that?

Here's where I can help.

I'd like to invite you to the Overview Experience, a three-day virtual retreat where we’ll dive deep into your attachment style and help you move towards a healthier pattern.

We'll explore how you can:


Embrace Emotional Vulnerability:

We'll work on easing the discomfort around vulnerability, allowing you to open up to your partners in a healthy way.


Cultivate Deeper Connections:

Learn how to foster deep, intimate bonds without feeling overwhelmed or losing your sense of self.


Improve Communication Skills:

Discover effective ways to express your needs and boundaries in your relationships, ensuring both you and your partner feel understood and valued.


Foster Self-Belief:

Gain a stronger understanding of your worth and build self-confidence as you learn to rely on others in a balanced way


Transition to Secure Relationships:

With these tools and strategies, you'll navigate towards a more secure attachment style that fosters satisfying, enduring relationships.

Believe me when I say, I've walked this path. I myself struggled with an Insecure-Avoidant attachment style. It was a challenging journey, marked by a deep dive into self-awareness, tough emotional work, and consistent efforts to change old patterns. I faced my fears, embraced vulnerability, and learned to communicate my feelings openly.

The reward for all that work? I've been able to foster a Secure Attachment style, marked by mutual respect, trust, and a sense of security in my relationships. It wasn't an overnight transformation, but the investment in myself has paid off tenfold in my personal and professional relationships. You have the power to do this too.

Imagine being able to welcome love without fear, comfortably share your feelings, and feel secure in your relationships. The Overview Experience is your ticket to breaking the cycle and building strong, enduring connections.

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Lastly, remember, overcoming attachment issues goes beyond romantic relationships. The same patterns can show up in friendships or professional relationships. But, with understanding and work, you can transcend them and heal.

Click the button below to get started on your journey to secure attachment. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Let's make your relationships the best they can be, together.