Based on your results from Dr. Nima's Attachment Style Assessment your Attachment Style is: Disorganized

Based on your results from Dr. Nima's Attachment Style Assessment your Attachment Style is:



Master your attachment style and discover how you can create secure, healthy, intimate relationships in your life.

The Overview Experience will show you how.

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The results indicate that your attachment style is Disorganized. Wondering what that means?

Here's a rundown:

You have a mixed relationship with intimacy - you want it, yet fear it simultaneously.


Your relationships are marked by a push-pull dynamic, where you find yourself drawn towards people, but also feel the urge to pull away.


There's an internal confusion where you want intimacy but also perceive it as a potential threat.


You are excellent under pressure and can handle crisis situations, yet struggle with maintaining systems and consistency.


Trusting romantic partners might be challenging due to past experiences that left you feeling unsafe.

Knowing this can be the first step towards creating healthier relationships. But how can you overcome these challenges?

Here's where I can help.

The Overview Experience is my three-day virtual workshop, designed to help you build secure attachments, no matter what your current attachment style is.

In the Overview Experience, we'll explore how you can:

Cultivate Inner Stability:

Learn techniques to manage your conflicting emotions and reactions, bringing calm and predictability to your relationships and inner world.


Build Trust in Relationships:

Develop tools to navigate relationships, helping you to establish and maintain trust with your loved ones, making you feel more secure.

Enhance Communication:

Master effective communication strategies to clearly express your needs and feelings, resulting in healthier interactions and mitigating misunderstandings.

Foster Emotional Resilience:

Learn to manage and recover from emotional setbacks, building your resilience against future emotional challenges, fostering a healthier emotional state.

Break Negative Patterns:

Gain insights to identify and break the cycle of trauma, empowering you to establish healthier patterns in your relationships and create a legacy of love and health.
Imagine a life where your relationships are intimate but not threatening, where you can trust yourself and your emotions. This training series is your key to break free from the cycle and create healthier, more secure relationships.
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Remember, healing your attachment issues impacts all areas of life, not just romantic relationships. The same patterns can show up in friendships or professional relationships too. But, with understanding and work, you can heal.
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