Can you Heal and Process Unresolved Emotions from the Comfort of Your Own Home?

If you’ve been on your own healing path, researching and studying various therapies and modalities, there is no question that you have been hearing a lot more about Breathwork and Inner Child work.

These 2 amazing modalities that changed my life are now becoming popularized by public figures like Dr. Nicole Le Pera, the Holistic Psychologist.

After practicing these modalities, for years in relative obscurity, it was an absolute relief to see it now slowly becoming mainstream.

What are these modalities?
And why are they important?

The answer lies in your Unconscious Programming. Ever since we were conceived, we have been at the effect of the unconscious programming from our parents and caregivers.

Their anxieties become ours

their belief about themselves becomes ours

Their fears become our fears

We are unconsciously downloading the stress, anxiety, woundings, and traumas from our parents.

As a result, our body keeps the score and we store this unprocessed, unresolved wounding and trauma, causing our Nervous Systems to become dysregulated (or activated) again and again.

When we get triggered, we don’t experience those old traumas in the past…we feel them as though they are happening NOW.

This causes our behaviour to be reactive where we project externally with rage, or we internalize with shut down, all in the name of creating safety.

This naturally will cause a breakdown in our relationships and unconsciously, we re-create the exact same patterns we felt and experienced as children.

we get pulled into what's familiar & we aren't even aware of it
You see, there’s an Child within us that is still carrying our wounds. The “Inner Child” is the unconscious part of the mind where we carry our unmet needs, surpassed childhood emotions, our creativity, our intuition and our ability to play.

The inner child is still within us whos experiences don't just "go Away"

They are stored implicitly in our Nervous Systems and get activated (triggered) in our daily lives and interactions with others.

We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world through the lens of our inner child.

Every child has the core need to be seen, heard, and to authentically express themselves.

We don’t have the emotional maturity to process “big emotions” and in those moments, need a parent to guide us through them.

When we don’t get that level of emotional “attunement”, we end up abandoning ourselves, in service of getting approval from our parents.

soon these patterns become habits and we betray ourselves constantly

Signs You Have a Wounded Inner Child that’s Running the Show:

Denying your own reality (self abandonment) and the reality of other people’s experience (making everything about us).

“Just be polite (quite often dismissing the child’s boundaries)

Shames others for their beliefs & behaviour

Acting out when hurt or overwhelmed the same way we did as children: Door slamming, screaming, shutting down, stomping off.

Child-Like fantasies of having a romantic partner “rescuing” them

Betrays self regularly to receive love

Views parents as all knowing and continues to desperately seek what a parent is not able to give

Constantly comparing self to others while feeling inferior

Black and white thinking

As you can see— we are living in a pandemic of humans who are disconnected from their wounded children inside.

What’s the solution?

Inner Child Meditation with Breathwork is POWERFUL. It’s a way of using the imagination and storyline to INTEGRATE our adult mind, with the Child Mind, so the two can work HARMONIOUSLY rather than against one another.

The results of this practice are miraculous over time. Over time, all of the messages we still carry, like:

“You’re often way too sensitive!”

“You’re too (fat/skinny/ tall/white/black)”

“You should be more like (this other person)”

“You’re not good at ______ (math, sports, sharing)”

“Don’t talk like that, act like that, do that!”

We get easily defensive and unable to handle criticism

can then be turned around, and the conditioned judgment, abandonment, blame, and shame that you automatically cast on yourself, slowly starts to change into self love.

Inner Child Meditation is one of the best places to begin to “Reparent” this wounded inner child and adapted adolescent into feeling seen, heard, and finally loved for their authentic expression.

Healing your inner child has many benefits, including health, confidence, and healed relationships.

After practicing this art and Neuroscience extensively, I created live trainings in groups where we guide people back into themselves, and continue their practice with gentle, conscious breathing practices that help lower stress, anxiety, and regulate the nervous system.

The Inner Child/Breathwork bundle is the best place to begin, or up-level and advance your healing journey back towards self love.

If you want to learn how to regulate your emotions, expand the space between stimulus and response, connect to your purpose, and heal your past, these meditations and breathwork meditation practice is where to begin.