The Overview Experience 3.0

Intimacy Upgrade
Become Trigger Proof

The Overview Method

Connection. Intimacy. Healing. Self Love.

“The Overview Experience 3.0” LIVE EVENT is a half day intro, and two full days of immersive Healing, Transformation, Resiliency, Emotional Intelligence, Breath-work, and Clearing All Baggage Preventing Your Limitless Potential in Relationships, Career, and Life.

You will not learn strategies, tactics, or tricks at this event—you will learn how to tap into who you actually are and step into alignment with what life truly wants to express through you. This is about working on you and letting external results show up as byproducts of clearing resentment, guilt, blame, and shame—and restoring integrity in relationships. You will learn the art of intimacy within yourself and others.

You will be surrounded by like minded, forward-thinking and impact-driven people who are shedding the stress of their victim stories. It’s time to share your authentic voice with the world in an even more powerful and vulnerable way, so you can connect deeper within your relationships and expand leadership to level-up your life.

Become Powerfully Aligned

Promises for The Weekend

Every participant goes home with a greater sense of connection and intimacy with themselves, and a capacity to create that with others. Resentment will dissolve. Self Love Emerges.
Every participant throughout the weekend receives Chiropractic care (if they wish) to help with Nervous System Regulation. You will feel your tension dissolve, and aches and pains will disappear or reduce SIGNIFICANTLY. Your range of motion will expand.

You will dissolve your grief. We will show you how to clear it… how to ask the right questions.

You will expand your capacity to express and receive love. If you are currently experiencing anxiety or depression – chances are its because you’re blocking it right out of your life right now.

You will leave with certainty about your purpose and have a clearer vision you’re inspired by. Me and my team of coaches will help you re-write your history in a way that will bring tears to your eyes.

You’ll connect with a network of soul-guided people who are wanting to make a difference for others. You might find friends for life. Some people in this group have never met in person but have become soul brothers/sisters. If you’re in this group, you are my family.

You will leave the weekend a much more evolved human being and will be a stand for others.

You will show up a better version of yourself for your clients, your partner, your kids. Every parent who has taken this training has repeatedly shared that they are better parents and can “coach” their children out of challenges and meltdowns because of their new perspective.


This training is restricted to only the first 40 people to register and priority goes to my Powerfully-Aligned Mastermind Group which usually leaves only 50% space for newbies.

You must be willing to do the work and get authentic.

Your darkness will come out and so will everyone else’s. Come ready for that. If you don’t like cursing, you might be better off staying home and watching PG Netflix. You must be willing to get over your story of victimhood and to love deeper and more unconditionally than you ever have before. By this I mean prepare to abandon the feelings of separation from other human beings. You’ll see yourself in everyone and that will be an experience you will never forget.

If you’re on the fence and would like to learn more, please submit your question below.

At this Event You Will …

Be immersed in your natural, creative self for two full days.

Access, move, and clear trauma that has been stored in your body impacting your health, relationships and performance.

See new opportunities and assets that have been hidden in plain sight all around you.

Discover that you are a fountain of unlimited potential creating fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.

Let go of all the crap you never thought you could escape from.

Become light and free (often for the first time in years).

Awaken to the possibility that you are, and have always been, surrounded by love.

Connect with your one powerful gift that the world needs right now.

Leave the program free and self-expressed with a new perspective on your power and what you’re able to offer to the world.

Be a part of a fun, spontaneous and collaborative experience with the best people on the planet (you’ll become closer than family by Sunday night I promise).

Release everything you are not—in order to make room for everything you are supposed to become.

Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is an expert on helping people overcome Transitional Anxiety (Relationship and Career Limbo) and live empowered lives. His revolutionary OVERVIEW METHOD has helped thousands of people around the world heal from the stress and anxiety caused by living out of alignment with their truth.

The Overview Experience™ 3.0 – Intimacy Upgrade

Three Day Live Event / Workshop

Friday, Sept 13th – Sunday Sept 15th, 2019

Vancouver, Canada

Friday 7pm – 10pm | Saturday 8am – 7pm | Sunday 8am – 5pm

Three Day Live Event / Workshop

Friday, Oct. 18th – Sunday Oct 20th, 2019

Sydney, Australia

Friday 7pm – 10pm | Saturday 8am – 7pm | Sunday 8am – 5pm

Three Day Live Event / Workshop

Friday, Nov. 8th – Sunday Nov 10th, 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Friday 7pm – 10pm | Saturday 8am – 7pm | Sunday 8am – 5pm

Three Day Live Event / Workshop
Friday, Dec. 6th – Sunday Dec 8th, 2019

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Friday 7pm – 10pm | Saturday 8am – 7pm | Sunday 8am – 5pm

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