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Due to the sensitive nature of the content in our new pop up facebook community, and the highly activating topics of sex and money, we are carefully curating the container to include ONLY people who are interested in a mature conversation about sexuality and where things can go awry, as well as money— and how these aspects of life break down…
So we can discuss mature, compassionate ways to HEAL from these energetic bonds to trauma.

Healing Trauma Bonds, Sex And Money Conditioning

…was originally a group for those who were attending REWIRE: LOVE, SEX, AND MONEY— a live virtual 3-day event happening on Zoom to give content and guidance in advance to prepare the participants to get the MOST VALUE out of the time we were sharing together.

Upon Further Reflection

I decided to open it up to the public and host Wednesday calls you can attend for FREE in exchange for feedback (as I am constantly looking to refine this critical message).

Aug 16: Is it Love or a Trauma Bond? Deciphering the Push/Pull Tug.
Aug 23: Infidelity Unpacked: Polarity's Shadows and the Road to Renewal.
Aug 30: Money and Self-Worth: The Invisible Trauma Ties.
Sep 6: Becoming Unshakable: Navigating Triggers to Cultivate Connection.

By joining this group, you’re agreeing to be part of a conversation that will evoke many emotions within you.

This is totally part of the process. Due to the sensitive nature of the conversation and highly triggering content, we ask that you only request to join if:

You are going to be respectful and take responsibility for sharing how you feel without blame or shaming anyone, (including yourself).

You read the rules carefully and you agree to the rules.

You are going to agree to answering the 3 questions to help us guide your experience in the free pop up group.
(Those who don’t answer the questions aren’t invited in).

You make a note of the times of each of the Live workshops

And do your best to show up on the zoom call, with your camera on (and microphone off), and request permission to speak.


Ask questions…. You will be surprised to see how often Dr. Nima will go the extra mile to help with a question when asked with courage and vulnerability.

Most importantly

We are here to serve everyone. Not EVERYONE will be a match for our offers, that’s ok.

Whether you only want to take advantage of the free content-

Or you are ALL-IN with having Dr. Nima as your guide to healing from your Trauma Bonds— this is a lifelong path.

All we ask is that you choose to walk that path of the CycleBreaker— for the sake of yourself and your family, (or your future family)— and the people around you with an other guide— a coach/therapist— someone qualified and experienced enough to help you.

We are in an epidemic of collective wounding and our sexual and money shadows have taken over, destroying our possibility of having healthy and safe secure relationships.

Healing Trauma Bonds, Sex And Money Conditioning a group dedicated to raising awareness of the root cause of the root cause of most of the frustration in our relationships to each other, to sexuality, and to financial prosperity.

You’ll be amazed at what you discover here.

If you think we are a match and you’re mature enough for the conversation, JUMP IN.

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