Should I Stay or Go?

Learn the 5 keys that end dysfunctional relationship patterns so that you can finally have the relationship you want, without years of counselling or couple's therapy.

In 2016 I was in a relationship with my ex-partner. We had been doing the dance of on-again, off-again for 4 years when I finally hit a breaking point.

I wound up on a page, similar to the one you're on now and was confronted with the cold hard truth - I was in relationship limbo.

I loved this person with my whole heart but found myself doing all of the following.
Are any of these familiar to you?

→ Constantly neglecting yourself in your relationship in order to gain approval or validation.
→ No boundaries between your emotions and the other person’s (enmeshment).
→ Chronic pleasing behaviour and feeling like it’s not getting returned back to you.
→ Rollercoaster experience of push and pull dynamics.
→ Highly emotional reactivity to one another where safety is lacking.
→ Feeling like you are in the same dynamic with a parent.

I was left disheartened, wondering if real love was even possible for me at this point.

I desperately wanted love but continued to push it away because I didn't feel safe.

We were stuck in a pattern of codependency and didn't even know it.

Luckily there was a small part of me, that despite everything deeply believed that there had to be a way. My whole life all I ever dreamed of was experiencing real love. Secure love.

So I confronted the only two possibilities before me, and answered the most difficult question we ever faced when it comes to love, "do I stay or do I go?"

In this webinar you will experience a deep clarity required to move out of limbo and towards the most valuable thing in the world, real love.

The most frustrating part of all of this is knowing this is happening but feeling powerless to do anything about it.

Not knowing how to love, struggling to find it and feel it, or feeling neglected, alone and isolated, even within the relationship itself.

The result? We end up feeling trapped – do we stay in this relationship that is hurting us, or do we roll the dice on someone new, hoping beyond hope that this time it’ll be different?

Spoiler alert: chances are, it won’t be. That is, not until we learn to create secure attachments.

When you master these five keys:

Resolving conflict, creating deeper understanding and cultivating win-win situations becomes a skill that you master
You will feel confident and comfortable expressing your needs, knowing they will actually get met (and having the courage to leave if they don't)
You will learn how to cultivate trust and safety within the relationship, so you both feel secure
You and your partner look at each other with kindness and caring — and look forward to spending time together
You will experience deeper intimacy with more capacity for safe touch and affection

The truth is that we don't find great relationships. We CREATE them by cultivating safe, secure attachments.

The process starts with understanding

and creating secure attachments with OURSELVES.

When we do… and we know how to find our own power and turn our “disease to please” into setting boundaries, asking for what we want, and learning how to say yes to ourselves…
We connect to our own inner guidance and can finally trust our intuition to give us the answer to the question, “Should I Stay Or Go?”

On this free workshop, you will learn the five powerful transitions needed to get clarity, confidence, and courage to break repetitive patterns and create the relationships you want, without years of counselling or couples’ therapy.

It's time to break the cycle and create real love.

Get clarity, confidence, and courage to break repetitive patterns and create the relationships you want, without years of counselling or couples’ therapy.

Will you join us?

Dr. Nima

Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is an expert on helping people overcome Transitional Anxiety (Relationship Limbo and Interpersonal trauma) and live empowered lives. His revolutionary OVERVIEW METHOD helps people around the world heal from the stress and anxiety caused by living out of alignment with their truth.