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Breathwork & Badassery

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November 12th, 2022
12pm to 4pm PST

If you’re like most people;

living with some degree of anxiety, you’re not breathing properly.

It was a massive revelation for me in the summer of 2018 when my life exploded before my very eyes.

After a really traumatic breakup my entire life was shattered to pieces around me and this time I had no one to blame but myself.

At the age of 43, after my divorce almost 7 years prior, with one failed relationship after another ever since, all building up to a climactic ending to my last one that was the most toxic, unconscious relationships you could imagine with every dysfunctional element intertwined within it.

I looked at my life and realized I couldn’t ignore the facts any longer:

I had built up a illusion, a façade of “success” you would see on paper and in photos, but in reality it was severely lacking in the emotional department.

I wasn’t even aware of it at the time.

How could I know I was so miserable on the inside when I was so unconsciously preoccupied with hiding it?

I realized that anxiety was my Higher Self’s way of trying to get me to stop all the fucking bullshit.

I wasn’t listening.

I was using personal development to NOT have to feel all of that.

More Lines and Columns of the Demartini Method,

Maybe THEN the anxiety will go away.
ANYTHING to end this emotional pain.

It hurts to even write.

(Which I now understand to mean that I must keep writing.)

I knew what I had to do if I was to solve this.
I just didn’t want to.
I use the term “had to” to share how I felt in the moment.

I didn’t want to stop working. I could distract myself easily by “helping” others with their problems.

I didn’t want to stop dating. I could distract myself easily by getting validation from women.

I knew if I was to finally heal and create a desirable life from the life I had unconsciously created, I was to find a way of discovering what’s underneath the hood and get support in doing so at a somatic (body-based) level.

Enough of the cognitive restructuring.


Desperate to try ANYTHING,

I then did my first ever Breathwork session and my mind was blown.

This kind of reactivity and “trigger-into-unconsciousness” behavior of mine came LONG before I had language to even talk about it.

I was taken back to memories long before I could remember and felt some pretty sad and scary moments, and lived them as though I was actually going through them again… Only this time I was able to cry and say the things I wasn’t able to say then.

It was a beautiful circle—because I could feel a deep level of healing that came from it.

I was determined to understand more—and to make a long story short, over the last 2 years have upgraded and refined my tools and methodology to include breathwork along with Inner Child meditation as a STAPLE in my own healing protocols as well as what I offer.

If you’ve been noticing lately or being confronted by the following:

That Summer, I took off with my coach/instructor and we did a 3 day intensive breathwork and meditation retreat together where I remember tearfully completing a session and grabbing my journal and writing out a vision/plan to bring this powerful healing modality to my community and include it as an integral part of connection and co-regulation for people all over the world.

Your digestion isn’t working properly

Your hormones are out of whack

Low energy — especially in the mornings

Disconnected from the world

Tendency to Self-Sabotage

Your immune system has been weakened

Your sleep sucks

Difficulty seeing beauty in the world

MASSIVE resistance pushing forward in life & career

Then I want you to know I understand how you feel.

I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you.

You likely have a Nervous System that’s dysregulated and stuck in either “Sympathetic Dominant” where you’re constantly feeling frustration, resentment, anxiety, stress, and life becomes a constant battle.

Or you could be in what’s called a “Dorsal Vagal” Shutdown where your Nervous System is in a protective “freeze”.

Either one of these states are not ABNORMAL. They are ADAPTIVE to the environment.


The best place to begin is in the breath.

This is where your road to Nervous System Healing begins.

Consider it an old computer that’s been programmed this way, and YOU are the one that can turn it around, with the right guides and community to support you.

After the Covid Pandemic hit, we had to cancel/postpone all of our live events, so we decided to create an online virtual Breathwork and Inner Child meditation that serves as a 3 hour “Sacred Pause” you can give yourself and make it affordable enough for everyone to join in the magic.

If you’re ready to get out of your head, get into your body, connect to the wounded parts of you you’re unconsciously carrying around with you that is driving your behavior, so that you can finally feel safe in your body, to heal your relationships, improve your digestion, improve your sleep, balance your hormones, expand your energy, gain the inner strength to listen to your inner voice, and push forward through the resistance that life brings, and not be stopped by self-sabotage, and deepen your ability to connect with the world and see beauty in it…

Then sign up for our next

“Breathwork and Badassery” Workshop.

I just re-read that last paragraph and was blown away. Because although it seems that what I’m talking about is some “magic bullet” and that makes it sound so unethical to say, but I can confidently tell you that by mastering your relationship with your breath and the wounded younger parts of yourself, all of those things start coming true for you.

My life is a demonstration that it’s all true, and same with the lives of the many we get to guide down the same path.

When you do, the anxiety of living an inauthentic life becomes replaced with a grounded sense of self, feeling safe and comfortable in your body, doing what you love, where you love, with whom you love.

It’s the most meaningful work to me, and I’d be honored if you felt called to join us for the next session.


Live Virtual Workshop

Breathwork & Badassery

Join us at our Virtual Workshop.
November 12th, 2022
12pm to 4pm PST

(Satisfaction Guarantee: Full Refund offered if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your experience)