Interpersonal Healing & Trauma Specialist

Imagine a life free of anxiety and stress...

Imagine enjoying a secure relationship where you feel safe, seen and heard.

Imagine living with a mind free of internal conflict, where you feel calm, clear and on purpose

Hint - If you have trouble imagining these things it’s a sign you’ve lived with stress for so long that it’s become “normal”.

I’m here to tell you it isn’t!

I’m here to tell you a new, better, more relaxed and resilient version of you is not only possible, it’s closer than you think.

But first - why should you listen to me?

Two Christmases ago was a low point for me. Lonely AF after a breakup, I was a successful chiropractor, had studied years of personal development (including 10 years with Dr. John Demartini), I had everything to be grateful for and yet my relationships were a mess.

I made a commitment to myself to figure out the ONE THING in my life I never achieved: The feeling of being SECURE in a relationship.

Through trial and error, research and commitment to my Self, I am able to put my hand on my heart and say that I am now with the most stable, committed, fun relationship I’ve ever been in where we are a true team, our son Dominic was born in September, my business has had a record year and I’m playing life at a whole new level - all because I have the stability of a SECURE relationship.

Here’s what I needed to learn the most, and what you’ll get out of this program:

How to shift your relationship with Physical and Emotional pain so it doesn’t run you

How to RESPOND rather than REACT when you feel attacked by someone you love (hint - you’re not actually being attacked)

How to turn fear, conflict, criticism, and reactivity from rejection into power and stability

How to regulate your stressed and anxious nervous system

How to gain access to the elusive “True Self” and become more present with yourself and your partner (or your future partner!)

How to transform your Self Worth from externals (money, approval, recognition) to something that truly is Whole and Complete

If you go “all in” with yourself - What sort of person will you become?

That’s entirely up to you. But I can give you some hints based on what other people just like you have experienced.

Because this stuff really works.

When you Deepen your Intimacy with your Nervous System, you will learn how to:

Lower your emotional volatility

Regulate your nervous system from within (instead of through addictive behaviours and external medications)

Feel what it’s like to enjoy SECURE attachment

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When people transform, so to do the relationships around them.

When you complete this program, you’ll feel:

Able to see the innocence in yourself and others - the Essential Goodness in every human being

Calmer. More relaxed. At peace with yourself

Less of a need to defend or get defensive

Able to see relationships as a spiritual practice inviting you to love yourself more fully

Being a Safe Witness - the high level ability to see ego in another person WITHOUT making it wrong, but not being at the effect of it either

The benefits of living life from this place are immeasurable.

Your Health Will Improve

Relationships Will Be Better

Your Self Love Will Be Rock Solid

You’ll Be Resilient & Resourceful

You'll Enjoy Life As It Was Meant To Be

These changes are possible only if you’re committed to doing the work.

I know, because I’ve been there, and I’ve passed through to the other side. Better than learning from your own mistakes, is learning from someone else’s mistakes. I’ve climbed that mountain. I’ve cried the tears. I’ve done the work. You have the opportunity to learn how to collapse the time it took me and do it for yourself. Join me on a journey through the Intimacy Accelerator. Your new You is waiting to meet you on the other side.