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Breathwork & Badassery

If you’re like most people; living with some degree of anxiety, you’re not breathing properly. When you do, the anxiety of living an inauthentic life becomes replaced with a grounded sense of self, feeling safe and comfortable in your body, doing what you love, where you love, with whom you love.

Breathwork & Badassery is a virtual workshop designed to help you discover healing through the power of breath.

The Overview Experience™

Everything in life is impacted by the stress & trauma we still carry unconsciously in our bodies. When you begin to heal your past wounds, you can’t predict the degree of transformation.

The Overview Experience™ is a five hour virtual workshop that'll help you identify anchors in your life that are holding you down & ultimately preventing you from becoming the better version of yourself.

Trigger Proof Community

In times of Crisis, how we show up (which version of us that is) will determine the outcome of our health, relationships and our business. This community is dedicated to the conversation of Nervous System Regulation.

Since crisis brings a state of threat, it challenges us to choose which part of us meets the unknown. This is your invitation to join a safe space, to share your experience & learn from others.

Dr. Nima

Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is an expert on helping people overcome Transitional Anxiety (Relationship Limbo and Interpersonal trauma) and live empowered lives. His revolutionary OVERVIEW METHOD helps people around the world heal from the stress and anxiety caused by living out of alignment with their truth.