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Most common complaints have the same underlying root cause.

Check-in Time: Have you ever caught yourself saying or thinking any of the following statements?


I’m so afraid of rejection that I can’t move forward in my life. How can I change this pattern?


I feel like I should be more grateful—I have a good life. Why is it that I’m SO unfulfilled?


I have no clue what my purpose is, I just know I’m not living it.


Why do I keep attracting the same type of person (narcissists/needy people)?


Why is it that I don’t feel safe in my body?


Why do I keep getting stuck in the same patterns?


Why am I having the same arguments over and over again in my relationships?


I am still heartbroken over what happened in my relationship and I just can’t let go. How can I move on?


I don’t know if this is the right relationship. Should I stay or should I go?


Why don’t my relationships work? I’m a good person.


I feel like I can’t connect to the people around me. I feel like my life is passing me by, and I’m just a bystander, and I don’t really belong anywhere.


I’ve been so busy pleasing everyone that I don’t even know who I am anymore.


My health is suffering and I can’t figure out why.

As a practicing Chiropractor, I noticed patterns in patients who came in with long-standing aches and pains and various degrees of agony.  It became uncomfortably clear to me that the stress and trauma you’ve gone through matter.

Your Nervous System is an artifact of every experience you’ve ever gone through.

Your body keeps the score of your physical and emotional wounds.

The problem is, it takes a long time to learn how to heal your past and present traumas. Longer than even the most well-intentioned chiropractors can spend with you…. even ones that are well versed in healing your attachment wounding.

Each and every single one of those problems (and almost any other personal or professional problem you’re dealing with) has little to do with what’s currently going on.  If you’re stuck, chances are, you’re dealing with an unconscious activation of old trauma.

These past unresolved wounds sit silently in your body and you don’t even know they’re there until you get “triggered” and your body experiences them. You relive the trauma as if it happened yesterday.

Your husband raises his voice at you, and your body tenses up, just the way it did when your father yelled at you.

Your girlfriend walks out on you in the middle of an argument, and it brings up your abandonment wound from when your mother left you.

You were bullied in school for being at the top of the class, so you hide your accomplishments at the workplace and keep yourself from excelling. You sabotage your earning potential in fear of being judged and hated by your co-workers.

You can’t get your mother’s critical voice out of your head and become a perfectionist, taking on her voice as your “inner critic.” You are paralyzed by anxiety every day and you don’t trust yourself.

Your Nervous System keeps these memories stored until they become triggered in day to day life.

These unhealed childhood traumas show up in a myriad of ways.

The reaction to these triggers ends up usually in self-abandonment, judgment, blame and shame towards ourselves.
Without properly healing them, they cause anxiety to kick in… sending us into a downward spiral of compensation.

This shows up when we are:

living in need of constant external validation

trying to fix others

have difficulty setting boundaries

de-prioritizing our own needs

living on high alert all the time (hypervigilance)


needing to constantly prove ourselves

tolerating abusive behavior

are terrified of being abandoned

trapped in co-dependency

attracting narcissistic partners

unable to commit to a partner, needing to have “the many”

To name a few. Without healing those wounds, they run your life as you find yourself bumping into them, feeling triggered all the time with no skills or tools to help navigate the confusion and anxiety.
And if you go to a one-to-one model of therapy to try to solve this, you don’t learn TOOLS to self-regulate your emotions. You find yourself stuck in a loop where you end up victim to a condition (diagnosis) or a person (your mother, father, or ex), forever trapped in that dynamic of victim/perpetrator.

Or, if you go to couples counseling/therapy you find that you’re spending money and looking to be validated for being “right”.

These outdated models are no longer working.

When Michelle came to us.

She had separated from her husband and was unsure of how to leave a toxic situation. They had a daughter together and her health was suffering badly. When Michelle heard his voice, her stomach tied itself into knots. She didn’t know whether to stay or go. She just needed to heal.

Daniel’s girlfriend left him.

He was heartbroken. He knew that he was co-dependant. He had unresolved family trauma and wasn’t able to see his power or his contribution to the work he did or the relationship that had just failed.

Laura was in a legal battle.

A bitter battle with her abusive ex and father of her children. Her anxiety took over her life and she was constantly feeling like a victim to everyone around her. Her relationships with her children were suffering and their anxiety levels were through the roof. They could sense the tension between their parents who weren’t speaking to one another.

All three of these people were suffering from the same root cause. When that cause was finally put to bed, their lives transformed:

Michelle let go of her resentment for her husband and felt the guilt around leaving a toxic situation slip away. She’s now thriving in her own home, her business is generating more revenue than ever, and most importantly, her daughter gets the best of her and her father.

Daniel found his mojo, ended the relationship of the past and began a brand new one. He blossomed into a self-loving and confident version of himself and transformed his from co-dependence to healthy interdependence.

Laura healed her past traumas, let go of her victim story and began to see her ex as an equal rather than someone who she was powerless against. Laura regulated her anxiety, and used those same skills to become a better mother. Her daughter felt safer and more secure because Laura used what she had learned about soothing herself to soothe her daughter. She developed a highly-functional co-parenting relationship AND saved tens of thousands in legal fees.

When you begin to heal your past wounds, you can’t predict the degree of transformation. But if you’re committed to becoming Trigger-Proof (which doesn’t mean Trigger-LESS) these results are typical. Everything in life is impacted by the stress and trauma we still carry unconsciously in the body, and our unconscious inability to become response-able (responsible), rather than reactive.

When I was a full-time chiropractor, I could tell that stress was keeping my patients from fully healing. And as I got to know them better, I started discovering that most of the time this stress was coming from their unresolved wounding. I wanted to teach them basic skills to heal their past and enhance their capacity and resilience to adapt to whatever the moment called for.

The Overview Experience began as a three-hour “Life Skills for a Stressful World” workshop on Saturday mornings at my office. The people that showed up became empowered to be their OWN hero instead of waiting to be rescued by someone else. The results they got were so inspiring that I dreamed of having a full-time job where I was able to help people all over the world lead powerful, fulfilling lives.

I started taking the advanced version of this workshop around the globe – Ottawa, Montreal, Barcelona, Sydney, Atlanta, Detroit, London, and even to Brazil with a live translator in Portuguese – and within five years it turned into a worldwide movement.

Since then, it’s expanded into a three-day live retreat. We as a community practice and master Nervous System Regulation using both cognitive (mind-based) tools, combined with somatic (body-based) skillsets to process emotions like grief, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, guilt, and shame. This allows the Inner Child to feel seen, heard, and loved..

We’ve now adapted the Overview Experience into a five-hour virtual retreat. You’ll work on healing your attachment wounds, exposing the unconscious patterns you keep reliving to expand the space between stimulus and response, mastering the tools to break co-dependency, lower anxiety, heal your relationships, regulate your emotions, and connect to your purpose.

You will be in a room full of heart-centered people looking to do the same.


This is not an event.

Think of any question you have in your life about what’s next for you. What if you could get access to tools that can help you find the answers from within? If you feel called, I encourage you to join us. (Satisfaction Guarantee: Full Refund offered if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your experience)

(Satisfaction Guarantee: Full Refund offered if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your experience)

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