Hey, it’s Nima. Thanks for your interest in the Should I Stay or Go Masterclass!

Unfortunately, it seems you overshot the date of our training, and we’ve already finished up. But don’t worry, because I’m going to drop a link to my Facebook group below…


This is a community I’m building of people who are dedicated to developing masterful relationships with themselves and with others. It is THE place to be for people who want to own their own baggage, heal the nervous system and the triggers that keep us feeling anxious and unsafe, and move powerfully forward into relationships that inspire and energize us.

Since you were interested enough in the masterclass to find your way here, I know you’ll enjoy being in that group.

It’s also the central hub of my community – so whenever we do new events or programs, that group is the best place to hear about them.

Go ahead and click the link above, and I’ll see you in the group!