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“The final frontier of your healing journey is to make your mess your message.”


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Is Meditation a Good for Stress Reduction

Stress of Resentment

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The Stress of Telling Lies

Creature To Creator

“Instead of “learning to let go” – it’s wiser to learn to let love in.”



Join Dr. Nima as he “Dances like he doesn’t care who’s watching” and shares his message of love, wisdom & life mastery through inspiring talks and transformational workshops all across the globe.

“The search for ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ is a trap. Fulfilment and achievement will show up the moment you authentically shift your focus to a cause greater than yourself.”


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Best described as an “Edutainer,” and known by his fans as the “Rapping Stress Doctor,” Nima captivates and educates audiences of all ages with his unique ability to share his message of love, wisdom and life mastery through words, music and humour.

Best described as an “Edutainer,” and known by his fans as the “Rapping Stress Doctor,” Nima captivates and educates audiences of all ages with his unique ability to share his message of love, wisdom and life mastery through words, music and humour.  With his audacious goal to bring stress and resilience education to groups worldwide, especially high school students, Nima is leading a global movement inspiring individuals to fall in with love their most authentic selves and live a life on purpose and in service to others.

After 15 years in practice, Nima became increasingly frustrated when he realized that stress was one of the most common underlying causes for his patient visits.  He discovered that chiropractic care alone could not address why people to get sick, stressed, and stuck and became determined to find a solution. Fascinated by the various healing methodologies he had studied for more than 20 years, he decided to combine all of the wisdom of his teachers to formulate his own simple-to-follow tool, The Overview Method™.

Nima’s unapologetic, unconventional and innovative views on human behaviour have attracted international attention and earned him invitations to share his message with a wide array of audiences such as the Government of Canada Ministry of Social Services, the Dynamic Growth Congress, Australia, Chiro Europe, Spain, Nelson Mandela High School, New York, BC Teachers Federation, Canada and CTV’s Breakfast Television.

When not on stage Nima can be found immersed in one-on-one sessions with clients ranging from high school students to entrepreneurs to celebrities or teaching The Overview Method™ in workshops all over the world.  When not in hotels he lives in Vancouver, BC where he sees patients at Westgate Wellness Center for Trauma.


Dr. Nima’s Clients

BC Teachers Federation Pacific Blue Cross Municipality of Maple Ridge Parent Advisory Council CTV Breakfast Television, Ottawa Government of Canada Ministry of Social Services Remax – Western Canada Convention Dynamic Growth Congress, Melbourne Australia Raw Chiro Convention, Gold Coast Australia

Chiro Europe, Malaga Spain Chiropractic Essentials, UK New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Auckland Anglo-European Chiropractic College, Bournemouth UK Barcelona Chiropractic College Nelson Mandela high school, Mount Vernon, New York Canadian Celiac Association HOOVES – Healing Veterans, Ohio, USA


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Monica Morong The Overview Experience™

“The search for ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ is a trap. Fulfilment and achievement will show up the moment you authentically shift your focus to a cause greater than yourself.”


The Overview Experience™ & The Overview Method

The Overview Experience and The Overview Method are the culmination of 25 years of studying personal development and 15 years of seeing patients for primarily stress related disorders. They say that “those who can’t, teach” … and they also say that “we teach what we most want to learn” — I wanted to learn how to get to the root cause of stress and clear it so that my patients could heal both physically and emotionally.

What the Overview Experience is NOT

The Overview Experience™ is not group therapy or a support group. It is not a replacement for your Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Counsellor or Support Worker. It is not a Diagnostic tool or Treatment for Disease or Psychiatric Disorders. It is not a cure.

The Overview Experience™ Defined

The Overview Experience is an “emotional intelligence” workshop in which YOU learn skills and tools designed to get to the underlying root cause of your STRESS and remove it from your awareness. Physical and emotional problems can be linked to stressful and traumatic events that have happened to us. It is not WHAT has happened but HOW we respond that creates our reality. When our response is anything other than love or gratitude, we create an internal conflict with reality – what we call a “delusion.” The Overview Method is a series of questions specifically designed to:

Get to the root cause of negative emotions uncovering the delusion, expectation, or half-truth associated with them

Dissolve the delusion making what was once IN the way, ON the way.

Stress and trauma is what we experience when we have a belief that something should or should not have happened exactly as it did. Love and gratitude (the ultimate form of stress relief) is what results when we breakthrough our delusions.

What to Expect?

As your perception of the stressful and traumatic events in your life begin to shift, so too will the inner and outer conflict tied to them. You will notice a transformation in your thoughts and feelings towards them resulting in a reduction or complete elimination of stress altogether. Attendees often describe a sense of peace, inspiration and “completion of the story” coupled with a newfound conscious awareness of the role they played and the desire to be an active leader in their lives rather than a reactive follower. It is important to note that since we are playing in the field of the brain and nervous system, the root cause for certain dis-orders and dis-eases may be exposed through the insights that result from applying The Overview Method™ It is not uncommon for these disorders to go into “spontaneous remission” on the spot or shortly thereafter depending on the depth and complexity of the delusion that is dissolved. Although a very desirable and sought after outcome, the only outcome we can congruently make public claim to is that as the result of transforming thoughts and feelings, physical signs and symptoms may resolve.

Are You ready for the Overview Experience™ ?


I never thought I would say this. My anxiety “disorder” that I’ve been living with for over 20 years is a gift! As I sit here writing this I’m crying. I’m releasing years of worry and stress feeling like my anxiety was causing me and my family distress, and making my world shrink in the process. When in reality it gave me so many gifts and opportunities. Most importantly it landed me right where I was supposed to be.

~ Carolyn

I woke up SO refreshed and at peace after yesterdays Overview Experience, I could literally feel the baggage lifted off my spirit, I feel lighter and more jovial. I now see how the honesty served my highest values, and again, feel lighter. Much love to Nima and the facilitators! I had a direct session with Nima on Thursday and I would highly recommend that to breakthrough your toughest blocks.


The Overview Experience™ makes me aware and accountable for my thoughts. It brings my highest value to the forefront in such a way that I can’t help but say what I mean and mean what I say and OWN IT. It has also shown me where my superpowers have the highest value and in what ways in the sharing. It goes such a long way in routing the paths that I will be most effective to myself and others in this life.


The Overview Experience™ forced me to step up in my life & not hide under the covers (previous said coping pattern) — there are pros & cons to this. If I want to cling to old victim thought habits, it’s a thorn in my shoe. If I break the inertia of gravitational pull (old habits), it launches me past fear & laziness, towards expanding my capacity.


A higher level of awareness and a different way to look at the challenges that present in my life. I gained such clarity and understanding of why I have gone through so much loss and challenge in my life. It was so easy to connect the dots. Now, in present time, I can more easily embrace with gratitude, the current challenges I am faced with. It’s like seeing through a new set of eyes.


Wow…since overview I’d say my thought processes have changed dramatically. A situation that would have earlier pissed me off, caused resentment, anger etc…doesn’t affect me in the same way. I am able to dissect the event into good/bad. See both sides and be more at peace with it all.


“The search for ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ is a trap. Fulfilment and achievement will show up the moment you authentically shift your focus to a cause greater than yourself.”


The Dr.Nima Show

Welcome to the Ask Dr. Nima Show, your “Adjustment Above Atlas.” This show was created to help me get my message of Mind Body & Life healing & transformation to as many people as possible across the planet.

What you will discover in the following episodes is a solution to one our healthcare system’s greatest inefficiencies which is how we currently deal with “mental disorders” such as PTSD, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, etc.
It is very important to note that I am not saying that I have the cure nor that I treat mental disorders.  Instead, I teach a self-healing tool that shows you how to take traumatic memories and scenes and transform the current perception of them in order to complete, change and therefore heal the story of victimhood once and for all.  The results are amazing transformations in health and wellbeing and are nothing short of awe-inspiring.
This show is dedicated to those brave people who allowed us to use them as case studies and document their process so that others like you who are suffering, can gain the courage and hope necessary to dive head first into their own healing journeys.
A special thank you to Stephan Gardner, filmmaker extradordinaire for his talents in making this show a reality.

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