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Overview Experience 2.0 - Powerfully Aligned

Designed Exclusively for professionals who are ready to free themselves from executive anxiety and depression to create their best year ever.

This 90-day personal transformation program will revolutionize your life and business.

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Body. Mind. Life.
Powerfully Aligned.

Be Powerfully Aligned

We start by focusing on 4 key pillars; Health, Money, Relationships & Emotional baggage, and Purpose. The result? By the end of the 90-day transformation program you won’t recognize yourself.

How to work with Me and My Team

Upon enrollment, every student receives my dedicated attention every single week. Take this rare opportunity to work with me directly, so you can break down those barriers that prevent you from greatness, and transform your reality to create YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.

who is dr. nima?

I help overwhelmed
professionals combat
anxiety and depression to create their BEST YEAR EVER by aligning
personal life and business goals with their truth.


ask dr. nima

Sharing stories of transformation is what gets me out of bed in the morning. CHeck out my YouTube channel, and take inspired action. Comment or ask questions if you like what you see!

This is not an information-style program.  This 12-week hands-on intensive, is specifically designed for those who are ready to take action today

Space Is Limited

The invitation to join the Powerfully Aligned Program has been sent to more than 3000 people.

There are only 6 spots left; are you ready for this?

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