Terms And Conditions

By participating in the Program and joining the facebook community you agree to the following;

I agree to treat everything that takes place in this Program with the highest confidentiality. What happens in the container, stays in the container. I will not share names of participants, or send any of the downloadable materials to anyone outside of this container. As well, I agree to not give anyone access to my private account. I understand that if I give others access to my account I will be removed from the platform and there will be no refunds.
I understand that results come solely from my own effort and motivation. Even then, results may manifest in a far different way than I had expected them to. Rather than blame others, I take full responsibility for any and all personal and professional growth.

I agree to be uncomfortable with my growth. This is not an easy path and I know that I am enthusiastically volunteering to be in places that stretch me. However, I agree to not put myself in potentially harmful situations. I am playing as an adult and take responsibility for my own psyche and physical being. I will use my common sense to keep myself safe. I take it upon myself to play wisely.

I understand that this Program is not a substitute for therapy or for diagnosing any underlying conditions.

I understand that all live calls will be recorded and made available only within this private and exclusive container for the duration of the Program. The calls will not be available for download.

I understand that recording live calls, or sharing it with others is strictly prohibited.

If I have joined the Program through a payment-plan then I agree to pay all invoices on time. I understand that if I refuse to communicate and have an outstanding invoice, I will be removed from the platform.

I understand that if I show up in a hurtful, disrespectful, or dishonouring way and refuse to change my behaviour, I will be removed from the platform and there will be no refunds.

I understand that it is solely my responsibility to show up for the live-calls, go through the modules, and to actively participate in the Program. What I put into the Program, is what I am going to get out of it.

I understand that every payment made is non-refundable unless in the unlikely event of a severe accident or the death of a loved one. In this unlikely event we invite you to reach out to us via direct message within our private container.