How to Connect to a Disconnected Child

 Using the Principles of Neuroscience to help children with Anxiety



With Dr. Nima Rahmany

About The Workshop

Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany


As we are about to hit a global pandemic of mental health challenges, 
the issues we are seeing “out there” can also be seen at home with our children.
How will THEY respond to all of this?

In my Chiropractic practice, 
I would often see mothers bring in their children for aches, 
pain, and stress related issues. 

After watching patterns emerge…
I wanted to teach parents about these patterns I would notice in their kids.

(Think of your own upbringing with your parents):
“WHY DID YOU DO THAT?”(This question with the energy of anger creates shame in the child).
(This question creates unworthiness in the child).

(This Creates suppression of emotions and abandonment of Self).

“90% on your test?  WHERE’S THE OTHER 10%?”
(This creates “not enough-ness” and “not good enough”)

Sadly, these are on the soft side of the spectrum of what you might have experienced…
and what’s unconsciously being passed down.

As a result, we have children who don’t have any clue what to do with their emotions because they have no roadmap or understanding of what just happened in their body and nobody to validate their feelings.

Disconnection is often the only strategy to cope with this.

This is very difficult to face. It’s gut-wrenching for a mother or father to see.

Observing a child in distress is one of the worst nightmares a parent can experience.

Without knowing how to self-regulate, the parent unconsciously tries to fix or solve in an effort to avoid THEIR OWN feelings of unworthiness and guilt and failure.

“I’m a terrible parent” inside shows up as “WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU? WHY CAN’T YOU STOP BEING SUCH A FUCK UP?” on the outside…

On Wednesday April 15th (in Vancouver), I am hosting a virtual deep intensive 3-hour event to teach frustrated-yet-inspired-to-learn parents how to do the ONE THING their child has been needing from them all along, yet not knowing how to ask for it:


I, like you, had bottled up resentments, and was STILL running a victim story— not cognitively as I had “done the work” and “cleared” my charges on them.

These resentments were stuck in my body and were still running my life.

I paused on all the work to help others until I finally got a handle on it.

I’m not saying we’re perfect now all the time.  I’m saying I have NEVER felt more whole and complete with family than now.

I can say that because I stepped outside myself and dissected my entire family system and discovered exactly why all the disconnection was there. 

I was able to make perfect sense of it.

I was able to break the cycle.

Aside from the 20 years of understanding healing and human behaviour working with people in a clinical setting

- I have completely needed out on Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory and real life experience helping myself

- Parents heal and connect deeper with their children.

It’s (almost) an exact science… and I want to teach it to you in a practical way you can understand, so you can be A SOURCE OF RELIEF AND SOOTHING to a child who’s anxious, distracted, or shut down.

- You’ll find out how to RESPOND rather than react when your kids are having a panic attack.

- How to help them resolve their “big” emotions without making them wrong for it.

- How to handle the pain of being criticized by your child and STILL have them feel “heard”. 

- how to use the social engagement system to bring your child back from isolation and disconnection

If you are finally ready to CONNECT AUTHENTICALLY to your children rather than delegating that to a Therapist do it for you, so that they can come through this transition/epidemic MORE CONFIDENT AND CONNECTED than how they began…. 

The times will be:

Wednesday April 15th

5pm   -  8pm         PST
8pm   -  11pm       EST

Thursday April 16th

12am -  3am         Barcelona
10am -  1pm        Queensland and NSW.

Jump in and grab one of our 20 spots.

(IT IS HIGHLY Encouraged for you to have your partner with you for this event).

Investment:  $247

See you on the other side

Dr. Nima Rahmany

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