The 90-day Program for Breaking Trauma Bonds

That Cause Repetitive Relationship Anxiety Patterns


In our #Cyclebreaker Portal Membership…

You will learn the practices, strategies, tools, and frameworks that our high-level mastermind clients have been using to heal from anxiety and co-dependency, dismantle recurring family conflicts, and create secure relationships from the toxic situations we all have inherited from our family of origin (parents, caregivers, siblings).

The #Cyclebreaker Portal was created with the 21/90 rule by Dr. Maxwell Maltz in mind.

The 21/90 Rule states: It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to make a permanent change.

Most people get stuck before they even begin because they are alone, don’t have guidance, and freeze in overwhelm.  They don’t have the capacity to manage their autonomic states. That means they regularly, and unknowingly, release stored survival stress from their nervous system.

That impacts EVERY area of life.

Not anymore.
Let’s get going.
It’s time.

How This Program Works:

"#Cyclebreaker" Roadmap

Upon joining the #Cyclebreaker Portal, you will fill out your own personal “#Cyclebreaker” Roadmap.  This is where you get clarity on what you’re looking to accomplish. You'll be using this Roadmap as a guide throughout the program.

Guidance & Healing

You will join a high-frequency container with like-minded souls on a path towards HEALING under the guidance of Interpersonal Trauma Specialist (and Retired Chiropractor) Dr. Nima Rahmany and his team of facilitators. We will not only focus on your cognitive stories, but the ones embedded in your BODY as well.

Engineer Your Vision

Through weekly group Zoom trainings, you’ll learn EXACTLY what steps to take to reverse engineer your vision on your Roadmap and will be supported in taking action.

If you can’t make the trainings live, you’ll have access to the replays for as long as you are a member.*

Frameworks & Tools

You’ll get complete access to our model, frameworks, and tools that we teach in our higher-level programs to help our clients transform their relationship with THEMSELVES. We do that through healing the Nervous System — which impacts EVERY AREA OF LIFE, from health, abundance, to self-worth, to relationships. That’s because your relationship with yourself encompasses ALL of it. 


Program Outline:

Weekly coaching calls, these coaching calls can be up to two hours


Uncovering the Unconscious Programming and Becoming the ACTIVE OPERATOR of your Nervous System

You’ll uncover the answers to the following:

  • What do I SAY I want in relationships?
  • What have I been ACTUALLY creating?
  • What did I have modelled for me?
  • What has my nervous system been unconsciously seeking?

You'll also receive worksheets, questions, and assignments with at-home neural exercises to expand neural capacity for your triggers.


Taking FULL OWNERSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY for the STORY You've Been Telling Yourself

In this month we'll focus on:

  • Turning self-blame into loving awareness
  • Introducing yourself to your shadow 
  • Deepening the practice of “integration”
  • Turning “coping” into actual “healing”
  • Self-regulating through depression and anxiety

You'll also get neural exercises and practices for use in Shadow Integration (this is the greatest tool to release anxiety that I’ve ever done.)


Accepting the shift that takes place going from Self-Abandonment to Self Trust - through deep practice.

This month we bring everything home with:

  • Deepening the practice of taking triggers and turning them into deeper self-trust
  • Unpacking the narcissistic/co-dependency cycle and immunizing yourself with embodied self-love
  • Releasing and breaking trauma bond patterns that have you repeating the same arguments over and over again

This month builds on everything learned during your time in the program and wraps it all up with the tools you need to complete your #Cyclebreaker Roadmap

The Cyclebreaker Portal includes all of the following:

12 Weeks (18 Hours) of Facilitated Coaching to Design & Complete Your #Cyclebreaker Roadmap - $200 X 12 = $2400

12 Weeks (12 Hours) of Somatic Healing on a weekly group call - $47 X 12 = $564

3 (12 Hours) Breathwork and Badassery Events – $67 X 3 = $201

3 (18 Hours) Overview Experience Events - $397 x 3 = $1191

1 (2 Hours) Inner Child Breathwork Bundle = $47

1 Hours Special Bonus Duality Module = $97

1 Hours Special Bonus Values Module = $97

TOTAL: $4500/64 hours= $70 per hour of training over three months

But, because I know there are so many people out there who need this…
I'm not going to ask you to invest $4500.
Or even $4000.
Or even $3000.

You can secure your spot in the #Cyclebreaker Portal for only $2500

Or with three payments of $1000

Which works out to only $39.06 per hour of training you'll be receiving.

Have you ever been able to receive so much with such a minimal investment?

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you show up live, attend all the sessions, ask questions when you're stuck, engage and request help when feeling confused, and do the work with us, and you're still not satisfied with what you've experienced, you'll be refunded your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t remember my childhood memories?

That’s totally okay. We generally don’t remember things “off-hand”.

While you may THINK your past is behind you, it’s actually not.

It’s right in front of you every day, every time you get triggered into an emotional flashback.

Most of our memories aren’t accessible unless they are “evoked”.

Throughout the program you can expect to experience within the discussion or exercises moments where emotional flashbacks will be evoked, or triggered.

That’s how this practice works… by learning how to RESPOND when these triggers come up.

You may not have a conscious memory of them, but they are definitely there, stored and hidden in your body.

I had a good childhood and didn’t experience any trauma. Will this help me?

This is a very common experience for many folks.  There’s a deep experience of being unsettled in life and relationships, noticing things don’t align, and having an “off” feeling.

But, their childhood was very good. Their parents were kind, loving people, active members of a Church or Faith group…

The truth is, trauma is far more insidious and hidden than this. Once you understand the language of the nervous system, you see how the experience of feeling like you had to take care of the emotions of a parent, having a parent struggle with an addiction, divorce, or simply getting everything you ever wanted without limit gets experienced as trauma. It can create a way of being where we have to take on roles in relationships that mimic what we experienced in our family system.

We can’t see it as traumatic while WITHIN the system itself.  Many of these practices like the “let the baby cry it out” method have been adopted as Sacred Cows of raising children.

You’ll be surprised at what you discover, and it doesn’t mean your parents were horrible people because of it.

It means that the world has been unconscious of the impact on a child’s nervous system.

Will I have to relive past traumas? Is that safe?

Trauma is another word for “injury”.  These experiences can create wounds that last a lifetime, impacting the way we see, feel, and react in the world today.  

To expand our capacity and resilience for stress and conflict (which is what this training is all about), it means that the students must be wiling to face and feel uncomfortable situations from their past, and be willing to examine them.

The exercises, practices and discussions will, without a doubt, bring up experiences where you felt hurt, abandoned, ashamed, and alone.

Feelings of anger, fear, and loneliness will come up to be courageously learned how to navigate so that we can master the art of self-soothing and autonomic nervous system regulation.  

We understand not everyone is at the stage where they feel ready to do this, so we ask that you be responsible for yourself, and be willing to share whatever comes up for you and if you require some support.  

Once this practice is mastered, you are able to walk through life and relationships with greater ease, grace, and flow, leading courageously with vulnerability and authenticity. 

This is the game we are playing together. 

Will I learn how to stop getting triggered?

The goal is NOT going to be to put an end to your triggers.  TriggerProof does NOT mean trigger LESS. 

It means you’ll be expanding your capacity to FEEL them so you’ll be able to pause and RESPOND from a place of emotional maturity as you deepen your practice. 

One of the main hurdles to overcome in this work is the self-judgment you will feel whenever your nervous system gets activated.

This is part of one of the first modules: you’ll make whatever your experience WRONG.  Even “experts” get this one wrong. 

You’re learning how to address what the trigger is about. 

Mastering this will help you take conflicts you’re going through (when both parties are at the effect of an emotional flashback) and be able to recover in a fraction of the time, and respond COMPLETELY differently than they would have only weeks prior. 

It’s magic. 

Does Dr. Nima trigger people on purpose?

Yes.  He’s slightly sadistic that way. 

But on a more serious note, to expand your ability to handle uncomfortable situations, you’ll be taken through exercises and asked questions. Then you can curiously observe what happens in your body, and learn to regulate it.  In other words, the only way I’m able to become TriggerProof is to be willing to be activated.  

Because Dr. Nima is on a path to being his authentic self, that involves getting uncomfortable and sharing what he perceives is true.

Although he’s getting better at refining his delivery so it lands on a larger audience, there is without a doubt going to be times in the process that you will feel triggered.  It’s not so much done “on purpose” as it is a part of the nature of exploring embodiment.  

It’s going to happen no matter what. 

So, we might as well have fun in the process. 

Plus, yes, he’s a bit sadistic.  Sadly.

How can I make my relationship better if the other person isn't doing this work, or in this program?

This is a great question.  Many folks reach out feeling stuck in their relationship dynamics hoping their partner will deal with their own issues. They feel stunted towards their own healing path, not wanting to go on the path unless the other person is doing the work. 

To help answer this question, we have to ask why we’re doing our healing work in the first place.  Of course, we want to have relationships that work.

How can a relationship work if there’s only ONE person committed to doing their healing work? How can it work unless both parties are committed to the process?

This level of healing work is much like exercise for getting healthy, lean, and fit.  If both of you are overweight and sluggish and you can acknowledge you both need to get in shape, how many of you does it require to do the work?  Ideally, they will join you, but is it a requirement as long as the main outcome you’re moving towards is to feel more comfortable and fulfilled in your own skin?

Healing our nervous system and becoming more emotionally regulated has a net positive effect on the right relationship.  A rising tide lifts all boats.  

The relationship will NATURALLY EVOLVE as you gain confidence, vulnerability, and the power to be your authentic self. 

Healing our attachment wounds and learning how to resource our own emotions helps us gain the clarity and courage to have a greater impact and influence on the relationship itself. 

Many of our clients notice a deeper connection with their loved ones, even if their loved ones aren’t doing the work.  Some even inspire their partners (and ex’s) to take on their healing work as well.

The point is, make sure you’re doing it for the most important relationship:  the one with YOURSELF. 

Will I have to say anything? I don't like to talk in front of other people.

Many folks resist enrolling because they feel too shy in front of others, they freeze, or have had very bad experiences in the past with others (childhood bullying, etc).

They’re then surprised to see how safe, open and caring the group is.

The truth is, EVERYONE is shy, and a bit unsure of themselves at first. This is normal.

Although you get the most out of your time when you engage and share, leaning into the discomfort of being seen….

Nobody will force you to say anything.

You might even surprise yourself — you might have a lot more to contribute than you think you do.

Because we’re exploring concepts like intimacy and vulnerability, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to have smaller break-out rooms where you’ll hear the stories of many people who are exactly in the same boat as you are, and these connections will be something you will appreciate the most.

I have a lot of expenses. Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. Choose whatever option works best for you.

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