Illness and Stress: Why not doing what you love is bad for your health.

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My new Character “Tony” in the Spinal Therapy Video looks miserable. He’s not living his dreams. A long-time patient of mine who I haven’t seen in a couple of years came in with weird neurological symptoms that developed over a 6 month period of this major life event. 8 months … Find Out More

“The Ultimate” Divorce/Breakup Survival Tip– Owning your Part. (Spinal Therapy Video–The Guru)

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Disclaimer: Yes this is me– but any resemblance in the following video to your Guru, Spiritual Teacher, or Mentor is purely coincidental. My 37th birthday came and went, giving me an opportunity to stop and observe the last year of my life. I sat back in awe of my life … Find Out More

Considering Surgery? To “Cut” or “Not to Cut?” Spinal Therapy (Scully)

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Have you been told you need surgery? Despite repeated warnings in the literature about restraining from most spinal surgeries, the number of surgeries performed keeps climbing every year.  One study reported 17% of surgeries of a neurosurgeon followed for a year were unnecessary. The true answer to this question is … Find Out More

How to Survive Divorce/Breakup without losing your health in the Process: Seeking Pleasure and Avoiding Pain– the cause of your “Bi-Polar” state

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“Don’t seek happiness. If you seek it you won’t find it because seeking is the antithesis of happiness.” – Eckhart Tolle My experience in this first year of my divorce can be summed up in two words:  “Bi-Polar.” During this first year of my process, I often sit back in … Find Out More

How to Survive Divorce/Breakup without losing your health in the process: Thrive tip #1: GET OFF YOUR ASS

Divorce/Breakup Survival Tips / Life / Personal Development
I had a patient in last week, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I first met Frank, he was overweight, and couldn’t walk on a treadmill for 5 minutes without his legs going numb. Doctors, specialists, physical therapists couldn’t help him– he’d had the problem for 8 years. When … Find Out More

How to find your path in a career that you LOVE.

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  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve been talking to lately who are trying to figure out what they want to do when they grow up.  Around me right now is a pandemic of people who are unsatisfied with their current work/job/life situation, who are trying to identify … Find Out More

Emotional Mastery Series: How to Survive a Divorce without losing your health in the process

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What do Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Nelson Mandela, and now Will Smith have in common? They’ve all been divorced.  (Wayne Dyer married 3 times!) However, even the mention of the word evokes such an emotional reaction.  Some have been hurt and haven’t healed since their divorce (even though it was … Find Out More

“Correcting” your spine with exercise? Spinal Therapy Video (Silvio– Rated R)

Body / Chiropractic / Just For Fun / My Videos I often get the question: “Dr. Nima, can’t I just work out and fix my spinal problems?” Tobin and I put together this video to help illustrate that point.  This is the final installment of our Spinal Therapy Series– at least for this time around. We’re brainstorming for our … Find Out More

Do you have a dysfunctional relationship…. with your body? Spinal Therapy Video- Nathan Part 2

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What would YOUR spine say about how it’s being treated? These videos have been a blast to produce. It’s been an absolute thrill for me to take one of my repressions– being a dork Acting, and being able to express it in a way that communicates a message of health … Find Out More

Spinal Therapy Video– Are you having to “Treat” problems all the time?

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Scurvy-- a condition that is preventable. Why not prevent this rather than wait to treat it? Same thing with spinal and other physical complaints. This latest in the Spinal Therapy Series addresses the common complaints that people, especially those who are active make:  They come in and “Treat” issues rather … Find Out More