We all want to feel safe in our bodies, connected to ourselves, connected to others, connected to meaning.

It’s what the experience of being alive is all about.

It’s why we are here, and what we all either consciously or unconsciously… it’s what we are striving for.

What’s in the way? Answer: Trauma.

Dissociation is a protective mechanism learned in childhood that we use to escape from painful situations where staying IN the body and being aware would have been too painful.

Without getting to the root and working to heal this, we wander through life chasing after externals. The problem is that nothing outside of us will ever fill that void. We go after relationships — that just doesn’t solve the emptiness. Relationships become toxic and abusive– often as a wake-up call– and sometimes we STILL don’t figure it out.

When you finally get to the root and solve it, you heal the wound. You connect to yourself. You gain access to choosing your reality. You find your purpose. You heal your emotional wounds. Your physical symptoms clear up. Your relationships transform and become conscious of the level you are. A rising tide lifts all boats.

In this episode of Trigger Proof, we will discuss not only what to do when we dissociate… but also what to do when someone you love– like a child or teenager dissociates… And the best steps you can take to help them get through.

This episode is for anyone stuck in a fight/flight/freeze response who wants to become a Self Healer. Or– anyone who loves someone who’s stuck and wants to help them. Ideal for Parents with dissociated kids.