It is with great pleasure and pain I share my new show. It started out with a massive resentment– a disagreement on sale price of my practice leading up to the departure of my associates 3KM down the road. I then had to quickly adapt, throwing myself into my passion which is to teach, while using my office as a laboratory for Mind and Body healing where I give people adjustments ABOVE Atlas as well as below both with clients in our community and for those who are flying in from all over the world to receive our services. Before my #OverviewExperienceWorldTour2015, I would have never believed it if you told me there would be people flying in from the other side of the country– from Halifax, Nova Scotia coming to receive my help. But thanks to the power of people sharing on video something that inspires them– this dream of mine is becoming a reality. Hope you enjoy and share with someone you know who is going through a challenging time. #AskDrNima and I would love to be of service.