Breakups SUCK. I’ve been through them before (as have you), both personally and professionally. In this episode since the questions were about Break Ups– I decided to give you some insights both from a personal standpoint and a Professional one–to keep in mind during your difficult transition.

THIS WAS NOT AN EASY ONE FOR ME TO PUT OUT. Creativity takes vulnerability and courage. I’m responding to my challenges with Creativity so that maybe you (if you’re having a tough time right now) can piggyback on my story and use it to help yourself transform.

If you want to learn more about the underlying root cause of the negativity and stress during a breakup, I have a free 20 minute video of me during one of my Seminars breaking it all down. It will fascinate you why, if you are living with certain delusions about yourself and others– you won’t be able to get rid of stress and negative thinking. I hope you enjoy this episode, but more importantly, I hope you share this with someone who is going through a challenging time right now.

“My life is my message.” – Mahatma Gandhi