How Men Can Solve Their Partners Sxxual Resistance When She’s Not in The Mood

Written By Dr. Nima

On July 8, 2024
How Men Can Solve Their Partners Sxxual Resistance When She’s Not in The Mood thumbnail
It’s the topic of so many comedy routines:
“Not tonight— I have a headache.”
Even though people joke about it, the impact
of two lovers not sharing the same enthusiasm about sex
is very real— to big blow outs in the middle of the night,
to sexual shutdown or sexless marriages.
On this short 20 minute video, a student of mine,
Carissa Kelly and I do a fascinating (and very triggering) role play,
demonstrating how Masculine and Feminine Communication
can be used to bridge the gap between two lovers
who aren’t on the same page sexually,
the first “scene” is us not paying attention to Polarized communication,
and the second “scene” WITH using the nuance of Polarity.
See if you can notice yourself ever having been in this situation,
and if you can see the difference between the two examples.
On the upcoming Workshop on Friday,
we will be running through a few other role-playing examples,
so that you can shift the energy in your relationships
from “REPULSION” to “ATTRACTION” in minutes.
You’ll notice how Polarity isn’t about suppressing women.
It’s quite the opposite.
Check it out for yourself.
Your wingman on the adventure,
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