We all want to feel fulfillment in our relationships… We want growth, not stagnation. Connection, not isolation. To feel seen and heard, not ignored.

No matter how hard you try sometimes, you might notice falling into patterns…

You always seem to attract the same type of person. The guy who won’t commit. The girl who’s always cheating on you. The “Narcissist” who treats you like you are not a priority. The “abuser” who shows up again and again in your life, same dude, different haircut. Perhaps, the Broken one or Damsel in Distress who you always have to rescue.

Or… You’re in a committed relationship, and you’re finding the same patterns, same familiar feelings you had with mom/dad…

You’re sick and tired of the same damn thing.

Most people I get to talk to make the mistake of thinking it’s the “other person’s fault”– that if they just leave and find a better match, then everything will be solved. Then they are shocked when they draw in the exact same thing.

In our next episode, I get vulnerable and share my relationship patterns, and where they come from, as a result of some deep inner exploration and inquiry for the purpose of helping you gather the courage to look deep within yourself as well. You DESERVE a connection that’s aligned.

We’ll also have a special guest, my sister from another mister, Dr. Aura Tovar who’s a Chiropractor and Coach and host of the “Get Naked” series. She helps people take of their masks and find the truth in their lives. We’re pretty much on the same path, only she’s way prettier. And she’s going to “Get Naked” for us– (which I’m sure will be great for ratings.) She’s going to be sharing her own patterns and the route we have taken to Overcome them on the road to making her mess– her message.

We talked on the phone this weekend and it’s crazy how similar our paths are. Same in essence, different experiences. This woman is hilarious. It will be edutaining: You’re going to find the root cause of your patterns on this show. Looking where you don’t want to look is the only way to create a new narrative while you self-heal.

Where do most of our patterns come from? Hint: It’s a response to unresolved childhood trauma. It’s embedded in your Nervous System and it gets triggered almost automatically. In other words, you THINK you’re consciously choosing, when in fact you’re not very conscious at all.

Not getting to the root of it will ensure you keep repeating the patterns. Shining a light on it and taking important steps moving forward will ensure you change a step in the dance and finally connect with a secure, aligned partnership.

You can’t bypass this step.