Have you ever tried to deal with your reactivity to external events, and promise yourself to calm down, chillax, and NOT take things so personally and seriously?

This has been why I’ve been so inspired to teach — because this one thing has been the bane of my existence.

You try to tell yourself not to care what others think. You try to read books like “The Subtle art of Not Giving a Fuck” but time and time again, when something doesn’t go your way, or you find out someone is talking smack about you…

Your monkey mind takes control, and you become at the effect of not only other people’s egos, but also your own.

In Episode 2, we build on last week’s training and go into the Nervous System, and we invite Neuroscientist and Retired Medical Doctor, Dr. Russell Kennedy to talk about the connection between Science and Spirituality, and how to become Trigger Proof.

We also present a case study who’s put into action what we share, so you can see what results look like in Real Life, so you can see what’s possible for you.