Nothing you’re experiencing is because it’s happening now. It’s not about what you think it’s about.

Instead of being so AT THE MERCY of externals (run from criticism or desperately seeking approval… 100% of people who reach out are wanting to be more resilient, connected to their partners, feeling healthy, aligned, alive, and connected to their purpose.

When life is connected in this way– it’s what gives us true meaning.

From observing my patients– the main constraint to us achieving this is living with unconscious past resentments, regrets, guilt, and shame that stays stuck in the mind/body trapped and blocking all possibility to create and destroying our health.

I would see– time and time again– patients with chronic problems– gut issues, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, pain, fibromyalgia… each one had a “story of unresolved suffering.”

What’s stopping most of these people is the fear of looking at themselves and opening up those old wounds and bringing the truth to light.

Without a proper clearing– the past is consistently constraining the present; clouding any vision that we create for ourselves; causing a deep lack of trust in the future, and EVERYTHING triggers you very easily.

Empathy– zero…

Stuck in your head all the time, and your parenting and leadership skills all get thrown out the window as your empathy towards yourself is non-existent

Today’s show will give you the what and the why…

Only YOU are responsible for taking action