Anyone can Become Locked in a Trauma Bond – Even Me

Written By Dr. Nima

On February 15, 2024
Anyone can become locked in a trauma bond – even me.
For 43 years, I kept finding myself in the same relationship over and over again: a relationship defined by insecurity, constant cycles of conflict and making up, and a strong desire to be “completed” by each other.
Seeking intensity over safety, trust, and authenticity.
It’s impossible to build a healthy relationship like that.
I’m happy to say that today, I’ve found myself in the deepest, most secure connection of my life, where I trust both her AND myself- and we are breaking the cycle of codependency so that our son doesn’t have to be impacted by our dysregulation.
If you are ready to create a home that feels like a sanctuary for yourself, your partner, and your children, then you can learn the path of how to move forward and do just that.
On February 16th at 4pm PST, I’ll show you how in my workshop, Breaking Free from Trauma Bonds and Healing Codependency.
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