I’m Sorry

Written By Dr. Nima

On February 28, 2024

I’m sorry.

I’ve been so busy helping people shift their insecure attachments,
become Trigger-Proof, and upgrade their magnetism, master the rupture/repair cycle
that my team just informed me that I haven’t sent ANY notices
to let you know that the super early bird deadline for Rewire: Love, Sxx, and Money
that’s happening the weekend of May 17-19th (that’s the May 18th-21st in Oz)
will expire in 24 HOURS.

I’ve been so busy with helping people like Shani, who identifies as Anxious Attachment,
boss-babe who is making a huge impact in the world in business— but EXTREMELY unlucky
in love— unable to magnetize a masculine man who cherishes her— find a man who,
in her words “can’t get enough of me.”

Apparently healing and rewiring your conditioning and attachment wounds makes a difference.
And she’s had the highest grossing year of her career back in 2023 when we began (right at Rewire).

Or Michael, who came to Rewire last year, heartbroken after his marriage collapsed,
completely dissociated in his nervous system— found his deep sense of self,
healed with his younger parts and was inspired by a vision at Rewire— and has
healed through his stories of enmeshment with his mother— and is in the most intimate,
connected and playful relationship of his life.

Both of these two were highly intelligent students of some amazing mentors
(Folks who I have even learned from)—
but hadn’t learned how to become Trigger-proof.

They hadn’t learned how to expand that pause between “stimulus and response”.

When we don’t do that, our intimate relationships suffer.

I’ve been so busy helping folks like Shani, Michael and hundreds more,
that I forgot to send out the invitation to you to jump in and get started for as little
as $297 to attend ALL 3 DAYS OF TRAINING.  (VIP is 597 and includes a ton of bonuses,
including a 1-1 session with me and a course on Intimacy to get you started).

No, there’s no catch.

It’s the last day for that super early bird rate— before the investment goes up.

You’ll be hearing more about it,
including stories of crazy transformations that began at the last year’s event,

but if you’ve been reading my emails
following my work and waiting for the perfect time to commit to your transformation,

I’m letting you know now is the time.

Why do I talk about sxx and money?

Because it’s what couples argue about the most.

So day 1: we go into the nuances of insecure attachments and how to break free from Trauma Bonds.

Day 2, we delve into your story with sxx and show you how to dismantle the shame,
and connect with pleasure and possibility and begin to create a new relationship with your sxxuality,
so you up level your connection with deep intimacy.

Day 3 we delve into your money story and you get to see exactly all the ways you are
pushing finances and wealth creation away.

Hint: It’s all your conditioning,
And together we begin to REWIRE that conditioning so that you become a MAGNET
for your desires in the juiciest parts of life.

I also want to make sure that you get the most of your experience,
so after you register, you’ll be taken to a survey, where you get to tell me everything
you’ve been struggling with and I help weave your experience and your challenges into the curriculum.

This is for you if you KNOW there’s something deeper and more spiritual to your relationship
with love, sxx and EVEN money— and you want to learn how to upgrade your magnetism
for the 3 most triggering concepts in our lives, and be in a zoom event that will leave you
feeling uplifted and inspired and committed to forge a path ahead with tools to
navigate what you’ve never really learned about growing up:

Love, Sxx, and Money.

Hence why we struggle so much with these things.

But we don’t have to.

This is just to say, even though I’ve been super busy,
I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get the word out.

There’s plenty of time to plan,
but the time to get the tickets for a steal is almost passed.


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