Navigating Boundaries

Written By Dr. Nima

On March 11, 2024

Its official.

As a general rule, we humans suck at boundaries.

We either completely bulldoze over our boundaries to the point of abandoning ourselves dude to the fawn response,
Or we are imprisoned by them and become reactive jerks.

There’s an in between, and on this new “Manxiety” podcast episode with Dr. Russ Kennedy we discuss the top 3 questions I get when it comes to navigating this heavily nuanced topic.

We use a funny example when he came over for dinner to illustrate the nuanced nature of fawning and boundaries.

Without getting this right, we simply can’t experience relationships as fulfilling.

P.S. Navigating relationships can often feel like walking through a maze blindfolded, especially when patterns of fawning and unclear boundaries take the lead. If you're sensing that cycle of giving too much and receiving too little, or if the fear of conflict keeps you from expressing your true self, our workshop might be the turning point you need.

In our "From Fawning to Secure Boundaries Workshop," we explore:

- The roots of fawning behaviors: Understand where they come from and why they persist.

- The power of boundaries: Learn to establish them in a way that respects both you and others.

- The dance of push and pull: Find balance between closeness and personal space.

- The language of conflict: Turn arguments into pathways for greater intimacy.

- The shift from anxiety to assurance: Replace relationship insecurity with self-reliance.

With each concept, we'll dive deep with Neurosensory exercises, making sure these insights move from mind to muscle, becoming part of who you are, not just what you know.

This isn't just another workshop—it's an invitation to change the way you engage with yourself and the people in your life. If you're ready to break free from old patterns and step into a world where you can trust yourself and your responses, join us Friday the 15th of March from 4-7 PST (7-10 EST)— which is Saturday the 16th at 11am in Sydney. For only $30–It's time to stop fawning and start living.


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