The Path To Conscious Parenting

Written By Dr. Nima

On December 26, 2023

read this only if you’re a parent

there’s a way you can virtually GUARANTEE you’ll end up being a sh*tty parent.

And it won’t even be intentional.
You’ll have all the right intentions for your parenting game.
You’ll read the books and articles and watch the youtube videos
about making sure you’re an amazing parent,
and that you WON’T make the same mistakes your mother/father did…
but if you don’t do this ONE thing….
You’ll end up repeating behavioral patterns
that you PROMISED yourself you wouldn’t do.
What is "That thing?"
It’s to heal your attachment traumas at a Somatic level and become Trigger-Proof.
Because BY DESIGN the things that you haven’t completed from your past
the resentments and regrets you’re holding onto
are still in your body...
will show up again and again because they live INSIDE YOU.
Without a process and path to meet with,
to release and metabolize
all the triggers that your family can and WILL bring up within you,
without you even knowing it,
you’ll react from a regressed state,
instead of showing up like the person you promised to be.
And none of it will be your fault,
just like it wasn’t your parent’s fault either.
They didn’t take the time to learn
-how to become Trigger-Proof,
-how to create polarity in their relationship
-how to master the art of conflict and repair
and because they didn’t learn it,
you ended up having the experience you had,
and without even being aware of it,
this is what we pass along to the next generation.
As a result, kids end up growing anxious,
numb and dissociated,
hiding from the world.
They don’t know what to do with their emotions,
just like us…
so then it’s no surprise that they will want to isolate,
they don’t feel seen and understood,
and become reactive and “act out”,
which brings up all sorts of feelings of failure as a parent,
underneath all the anger most parents are feeling these days.
If you can relate to this,
just know that you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.
You CAN create a different scenario.
An outcome where the home feels like a sanctuary
instead of a battlefield.
Where your children want to engage and connect
because of the loving magnetism you bring.
As a parent,
this is what we all want.
That’s why I stand for breaking the cycle of sh*tty parenting.
That’s why I stand for healed families.
It didn’t start with you,
but it can end with you.
Your wingman on the adventure,
Dr. Nima.

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