What It Truly Takes To Change

Written By Dr. Nima

On October 31, 2023

I just got off a call with a woman who was stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere.

She wanted help.

The truth?

She wanted MY help to change HIM.

Respectfully, that’s not how it works.

Everyone wants change,
but what I’ve discovered helping people overcome trauma bonds,
push/pull dynamics and attracting relationships that feel like the same type of person
avoidant partners who can’t commit, or narcissistic children who need a parent….

Most people are too ashamed to look in a mirror— at their own peril.

As a result, they go decades frustrated in the world of relationships
wondering if they are going to die alone, not claimed (as a woman)
not ever respected and followed (as a man),
knowing that life itself isn’t experienced with full magic unless and until
the mystery of relationships gets solved.

I felt the exact same way.
I realized that SOMETHING had to change.

My relationship to myself.
My reactivity.


It all needed an upgrade.
When I did,

my relationships transformed, I became Trigger-Proof,
(not trigger-LESS!)

and I met my person.
And did what I was never able to do before:

Become a dad.
Have a family.
And get out of the exhaustive cycle of trauma bonds
and insecure attachments, wanting love, but too afraid to commit
because of unresolved pain.

This is your birthright.

This video goes over the PROCESS that change requires,
so you might see where you're at on the spectrum of change.

Tell me what this video brings up for you.

Your wingman on this adventure,


P.S. If you’re ready to find out what the process of Being Trigger-Proof ACTUALLY looks like,
I open up 10 spaces every month at our Overview Experience virtual Deep-Dive.
I teach my Cyclebreakers Community the practice and somatic process
I came up with that helps you master the art of REPAIR:
Turning Triggers into deeper self love,
and Conflict into deeper intimacy.

When you get this right, your anxious and avoidant tendencies shift to secure,
Trauma Bonds melt into compassion and understanding,
And you raise your status of who you attract and are attracted TO.

If you want begin the inner work and start to become more magnetic,
grab a spot on our next upcoming event.

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