What Love, Sxx, and Money Have in Common

Written By Dr. Nima

On September 4, 2023
This one made me extremely uncomfortable to share.
Here I was, in the middle of one of the most fun and effortless interviews I’ve ever done with my friend, the host of the Expansive CEO podcast, Hannah Chapman,
and then I asked for her consent to go into a topic that is admittedly extremely uncomfortable for most to handle.
Luckily, she was all-in for the conversation,
where we delved into Love, Sxx, and Money,
and the conversation of “Should I stay or Go” where I shared
some uncomfortable details about the conclusion of my recent family court proceedings
with my ex-girlfriend signalling a final curtain call in a 5 year attempt to break free from my Trauma Bond.
If it lands for you, share it with someone you know needs to hear it,
and comment below and tell me what you felt or thought about it.

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