Why You Don’t Know What You Want

Written By Dr. Nima

On May 9, 2024
"It isn't normal to know what we want.
It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement.”

― Abraham Maslow

I remember it feeling like a panic in my system.
I was in a crossroads of my life, wondering what’s next,
and when someone asked me what I wanted,
my response was “I have no clue what I want.”
(The truth is, I did know-- I was just disconnected)
Having made it through the other side with rock solid certainty
of who I am, what my purpose is, what I’m creating,
giving myself FULL PERMISSION to desire what I want,
I can empathize with people who are stuck in “Should I stay or go”
dynamics, not sure if they need to leave a shitty situation,
or frozen in fear of making a decision they will regret.
In moments where there has been repeated relationship ruptures,
we disconnect with ourselves, our hearts, our knowing, our intuition.
If you can relate, just know that it’s not your fault.
It’s in your CONDITIONING to not be present to your desires.
When we are stuck in the conditioning,
triggered into unconsciousness and reactivity,
When SURVIVAL becomes our PURPOSE,
we disconnect from the truth of our needs and boundaries.
In that space, Love becomes a challenge (because we turn into fawners)
In that space, Sexuality becomes scary (because sex becomes a performance)
In that space, Money becomes scarce (because we inherently live in an “undeserving” space).
This is why life and relationships become unsatisfying.
That’s why I’m dedicated to the reconnection and rewiring process
so that you find access to your SELF WORTH.
Which causes you to find access to your BOUNDARIES,
which then leads to having you find access to your NEEDS,
which then gives you access to a sense of DESERVING to get those needs met.
From that integrated place you can share in a secure way with others
with communication that magnetizes you getting your Love, Sex, and Money game
exactly how you want it.
It’s all possible if you’re willing to Rewire your conditioning.
If I can go from being stuck and not knowing if I should stay or go,
to being in a secure relationship, with a family,
doing what I love, where I love, with whom I love,
breaking cycles by teaching my son that he doesn’t ever have to perform for love...
Imagine what YOU could do.
Your wingman on your adventure towards co-regulation and your magnetism,
P.S. Ready to learn how to liberate yourself from your conditioning in Love/Sex/and Money?
Ready to learn how to “give less f*cks” about what people think of you?
Ready to learn how to get connected to your needs, desires, and feelings,
and KNOW that you’re Deserving of breaking those insecure patterns?
I’m taking 5 couples through the process at
over 3 days.
3 days of deep transformation over the topics that most people argue about
in long term relationships.
Day 1: Healing from Trauma Bonded Push-pull Dynamics so you can
break the anxious/avoidant cycle
Day 2: Healing from Sexual Shame and blockages so you can change your
relationship to pleasure and intimacy
Day 3: Healing from Money trauma and conditioning that has you living like
it’s shameful or “bad” to earn a good living.
We have space for 4 more couples, and for those who register this week,
the ticket for your partner is FREE.
(promo code: Rewire100 gives you a further 100 dollar discount within the next 24 hours)
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