Why You’re Such Easy Prey To Love-Bombing

Written By Dr. Nima

On December 12, 2023
Even though you might be successful in your work,
there’s a reason why your relationships can’t seem to get past
the point where you’re now having sex— and then things start to go awry.
The reason is because of a covert addiction many don’t want to acknowledge.
It’s the reason why it’s so easy to get entrapped in love-bombing.
And it’s not a substance.
It’s something far more insidious and addictive than that.
Getting to the root of this addiction was how I managed to create a love that is secure and polarized.
Not getting this right will have you constantly longing for something that simply will never be satisfactory, constantly in push/pull dynamics that resemble a Trauma Bond.
On this transmission I give you 3 specific signs to watch out for to know if you’re being love-bombed.
Remeber, if this video triggers you, be kind to yourself.
Give yourself a pause.
Take a breath.
Notice the sensations inside of you.
You’re about to find out what it’s going to take to heal the root cause.
Make sure to be compassionate with yourself.

P.S. If the "should I stay or go?" conundrum feels like a relentless merry-go-round, or if you're navigating the aftermath of a breakup and ready to amplify your allure, then mark your calendar.

Saturday, December 16th, could be the day your relationship to love takes a turn for the extraordinary.

Imagine dismantling the cycle of conflict that's been holding you hostage. Picture yourself radiating a newfound magnetism that doesn't just attract, but captivates. This is what awaits you at the Overview Experience where we don't just patch up relationships — we transform them into unions of deep connection and unshakable intimacy.

I'm swinging open the doors for a select few to join us as we unravel the mysteries of lasting love. From noon to 6 PST / 3-9 EST, we'll journey together to the heart of secure attachment, equipping you with the tools to turn every trigger into triumph and every conflict into closer connection.
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Are you ready to elevate your magnetism and answer the "should I stay or go" once and for all?
Let's solve that riddle together.

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