Written By Dr. Nima

On December 8, 2016
I want to show you how powerful your language is.
“I'm afraid of dogs,” was what a woman said, as she walked into my new Chiropractic clinic in downtown of Vancouver and saw Lucy (my dog, who is with me 24/7.)

You see, Lucy is absolutely harmless and cute as hell.

But this woman has taken a past negative experience with an animal and has projected it towards the future.

All with the use of her words, every time she sees a dog, she tells herself "I'm afraid of dogs" and repeats her story when she was attacked by a dog as a child.

Because of this repeated broken record, she is missing out on the possibility of love and affection - if you're a dog lover, you know exactly what I mean.

How often do YOU do that to yourself? 
"I don't eat that kind of food".
"I don't trust people".
"I don't approach people I don't know".

Or one I've heard from a social engagement I was at recently:

"I never let people get close to me".

The problem with this type of language is that our past then gets carried into the future as we keep repeating these affirmations.
Buried beneath them are the same words that I hear in my clients, as the root of every stressful scene in our lives:
"I'm not enough".
"I'm stupid".
"I'm a failure".

So, what can you do about it?

The way to turn it around is to first catch yourself in the matrix of all your negative affirmations, and then quickly correct yourself back into the NEW realm of possibilities you're wanting to create.

Over and over.
And over and over.

Thoughts, words and feelings that are consistent within the highest version of you.

When I brought this up to the woman afraid of Lucy, she was surprisingly open and willing as I approached her with the question if she'd like to create a new reality.  

I sat Lucy down and showed her how to hold out her hand so that Lucy could sniff.

As Lucy approached her hand (and her hand was trembling), I had her repeat that she was safe ( creating a new affirmation.) 

dogs curing anxiety
Within 60 seconds, Lucy was on her back, and this woman, who was once deathly afraid of dogs, had now created a new reality for herself.

I just had to snap a pic of it. She couldn't believe she was near a dog, let alone petting one. 

She walked out saying, "I actually like myself more!!"

Pretty telling...how our negative default affirmations actually CAUSE us to despise ourselves...and how powerful we are in changing them.

What stories have YOU been holding on to?
Where is this showing up in your life, and what are your fears costing you?

It's time to start changing them, to create a new reality and sense of freedom.
No one is here to rescue you.  

If I don't plant flowers in the garden of my mind (gratitude, power, fulfillment), I'll be stuck forever pulling weeds (anxiety, depression and overwhelm).

This is a friendly reminder to guard your mindset and language...it truly becomes your reality.

If you have been noticing that feelings of Overwhelm, Anxiety and Depression have taken over and you're feeling ready to change your story, so that you access your power and mojo and actually LOVE what you see in your life, and want to have a chat about it....

I'm here for you for a free strategy session.

What is not working for you ?
What is it that you'd love to create for yourself and your family?
What are you scared of, that you'd love to experience a breakthrough in?

Share it with me HERE and let's connect.

Here for you,
Dr. Nima
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Aivin Morales
Aivin Morales
7 years ago

It’s time to start changing them, to create a new reality and sense of freedom.
No one is here to rescue you.
No one is coming to rescue me. I am going to rescue myself.

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