Chances are, you’ve either cheated, or been cheated on. or been involved in an emotional affair. It’s almost mathematical you’ve been involved in some way.

Most of the clients who are dealing with transitional anxiety and relationship limbo in their relationships, have had a breakdown where infidelity was involved.

It’s almost becoming a pandemic.

We all want intimate relationships. We all want to be loved and feel desired. We also want freedom and self-expression.

But the problem is, we are just as hard wired for promiscuity as we are for “fidelity”.

We hide, we make lies of omission and comission, and the incongruency causes jealousy, insecurity, toxic relationships, and goes further– which is the exact reason why I became so interested in this topic: It then affects your health.

I’ve seen so many cases of anxiety and reproductive issues on the other side of the confusing mix of emotions which are associated with affairs.

On our upcoming episode, we have a special guest expert, Dr. Jim Pfaus, who’s a professor and researcher of the Neurobiology of Sex. Just spoke with him today, and I have to say, he’s definitely not shy about sex and he loves talking about it from an entertaining yet scientific perspective.

We’re going to talk about stuff that might just trigger you. This is ideal for you if you’ve ever felt the shame and guilt of an affair… or the pain of betrayal from one.

This is also for you if you want to learn some Neuroscience hacks for taming this beast– and going so far as to say we are going to talk about how to prevent them altogether.

Join us if you’re willing to be entertained, and uncomfortable all at the same time.