You look in a mirror… You love what you see. You feel confident. Secure in yourself. You can speak your truth in relationships. When people disagree with you, you’re ok with them,
and you’re even better with yourself.

You show up in relationships as stable, and safe. Regulated. Playful. There is no neediness, and jealousy doesn’t even exist because you are good with who you are. Your friendships and relationships are authentic because you’re good with who you are.

Unfortunately the scenario mentioned above is rare. If you suffer from Chronic Stress, trauma, and an incomplete past, the description above is damn near impossible.

What’s stopping us from feeling that way towards ourselves and others is ONE THING: INSECURITY.

We get triggered because deep down fundamentally, we are insecure with ourselves.

In Wednesday’s episode of TriggerProof, I have a special guest appearance from someone I have recently become friends with. Someone who I’ve been watching from afar for a long time because of his message, and his inspiring story, but I didn’t think I would ever be in a situation where we would be talking the exact same language and connecting on such a deep level.

Sean Stephenson, also known as the 3-foot-Giant is known for his Ted Talk, and his inspiring story growing up with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare bone disorder that many don’t survive. Not only is he “surviving,” but he’s taken his mess and turned it into his message, talking about his story of managing his insecurities.