There’s an easy way to sabotage your confidence, Destroy your self-worth, And constantly rob you of your mojo…

That’s when you look at others and either beat yourself up for not having what they have… Or you start measuring your superiority, and you find yourself cutting down on others to help you feel better about yourself.

The sad part is most of this is done unconsciously. Even though you can see it easily in others, this unconscious behavior is like cancer to your mindset.

Being a twin, I really know this all too well. Comparing myself to someone else is pretty much how I grew up.

In order to heal from this self-imposed obstacle we put in our path, I’ve discovered 7 ways that we can consciously use our focus, attention, and energy to tame this beast of comparison.

On this episode of Trigger Proof, I will share them with you, with a guest appearance with Dr. Russell Kennedy who will give us the Neuroscience behind the what, so that you have a Why behind it.

Knowing this is critical to shifting your focus and changing the wiring in your brain to give you an advantage…

Your relationships and mental health pretty much depend on it.