Check-in time:

  • Addicted to Sex?
  • Chronic uncontrollable infidelity?
  • Do you have social anxiety?
  • Do you have a fear of getting too emotional?
  • Do you have problems with discussing feelings, or being in the space of someone having emotions?


This is WAAAAAAY more common than you think it is.

You might not be aware that your fear of feeling and connecting to emotions is actually impacting your relationships, and silently affecting your health.

As a Chiropractor, I would often see people disconnected from their emotions would tend to come in with chronic pain, and their X-rays would look pretty normal. Getting to know them, I would see that they were dissociated from themselves.

Or the opposite: You are so emotive that you over-dramatize feelings, small headaches turn into migraines that wipe you out, you ALWAYS have digestive problems, and are always sick, sore, or battling with some kind of pain and playing victim to someone.

These types of people are OVERLY emotive and tend to make others responsible for their feelings and project their past wounds onto everyone around them.

Here’s the messed up part: The first type has a tendency to attract the 2nd type in relationships.

When both are knocked into their wounds simultaneously… welcome to a toxic relationship.

In this episode of Trigger Proof, I vulnerably share my experience with healing my own challenges with Intimacy, and why as a Chiropractor and health care provider I feel it’s critical to help address one of the most overlooked root causes in health care, and I share an inspiring case study of how Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Inflammatory Digestive Disorder was healed simply by applying an “Intimacy Upgrade” to change the relationship to feelings, her past, to courage, and vulnerability.

Prepare to be TRIGGERED, as usual.

What you will learn will have you look at yourself in an entirely different way.