The 2 Blind Spots Of Co-Dependents

Written By Dr. Nima

On December 25, 2022
Co-dependency patterns are said to be impossible to break by the experts.
That’s true– because conventional methods don’t work.
With a deep commitment, breaking the unconscious bonds we have towards our Trauma is possible.
The problem is– even though we want freedom from the pain of Co-Dependency, on the other side– we crave the familiar, and even though we want out of the pain, without exposing these two MASSIVE blind spots I share, we will find ourselves succumbing to an identity that kills our ability to have a secure relationship.


  1. Tamar

    I totally understand I’ve been in this situation for a long time and really want to try break free from it going into the new year

  2. Lois

    Good work.
    Back yourself and set your boundaries.

  3. Linda

    Please send

  4. H.H.

    I honestly don’t even know how I got to your page. I guess ads did their job or I was listening to something that then went to your video and I’m glad it did!

    I love the idea of confluence and I’m really interested in listening to you more. I may even actually message and tell you I’m ready. Some things you said made me think, “That is what I’ve tried to tell therapists I’m ready for!” I’ve talked to many, but they just usually tell me I make sense and allow me to pay them to agree with me and
    then when I move onto the next therapist they wish me the best of luck.

    • Nima Rahmany

      I hear that a lot. Our work is radically different because it uses the somatic experience.

  5. Frances

    Im trying to understand and do the work.

    • Nima Rahmany

      make sure you find a guide and community container to help you.


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