Wake-up Calls: The Hidden Reason Behind Why They Happen (Excerpt From The “Overview Experience”)

Written By Dr. Nima

On June 23, 2023

If you’ve ever experienced one of the following:

Domestic Abuse.
Toxic Relationship breakdown.
Mental health crisis.

Then you’re in good company these days.
It’s literally impossible to hit your 40’s without suffering through one of those wake-up calls.

That’s what they are designed to do:


If we don’t, we get to repeat the lesson.

If you’re noticing patterns
and cycles with yourself, and you’re ready to break that cycle,
you’l want to watch this video.

It’s an excerpt from my recent “Overview Experience” event where I break down the path and teach the tools in healing from it — so we can move to relationships that feel secure, and attachments that feel safe, and a sense of love towards ourselves we never really learned.

Think about it.

Where did you learn how to do relationships?

Deeply embedded in your nervous system through generations that came before you, you’ve been conditioned how to think and feel towards yourself, and what you feel you deserve in life, in relationships, and even in abundance and prosperity.

If you’ve ever felt yourself stuck in a loop like groundhog day, it’s for good reason.

Enmeshment is a developmental trauma where you have zero clue that you’re not in control of your emotions:

You’re run by the need to please others, abandon and betray yourself and perform for love.

What helped you cope in childhood and kept us safe is exactly what causes that list of wake-up-calls I shared above.

If you’re ready to change that pattern and heal,

watch the video…

and comment below.
Let me know what you think.
Can you relate?

Your guide on the side,

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