Why We Choose The Partners We Do

Written By Dr. Nima

On July 25, 2023
If you’re ever been stuck in a loop, repeating the same pattern in your relationship dynamic,
pay close attention:
Freud called it the “Repetition Compulsion,” where even though you KNOW it’s not wise,
or fulfilling, or even healthy, but unconscious forces are pulling us into what’s familiar to us.
All for the purpose of healing.
The problem is— our knee-jerk reaction is to play the victim and blame the other person,
completely unaware that it’s not anyone’s fault.
And suddenly, you wake up and notice these familiar patterns:
Not being able to express your needs,
fawning and people pleasing,
attracting partners who treat us with disrespect,
not being able to stop with fantasizing
inability to keep the sexual energy contained within the relationship (infidelity)
Anxious attachment/ Avoidant behaviour
Constantly losing yourself when in a relationship “I can’t have me AND you at the same time”.
Not feeling worthy enough unless you are NEEDED by a wounded bird to fix/rescue
We’ve seen it all.
And all the books and videos bringing our attention to this doesn’t change it,
because the pattern lives deep within our body,
in our shadows.
To shift these unconscious dynamics, we MUST go deeper— into the body,
where all of the trauma and wounding is stored,
and we must learn to adopt a new IDENTITY that isn’t based on SELF-ABANDONMENT.
This is exactly why I created the Overview Experience.
where I take my community through a process I had to invent
to help me break free from my Trauma Bonded toxic relationship.
Before this work, a healthy secure relationship was impossible for me,
as I was drawn to “fixing wounded birds”— as a reflection of the unhealed wounds within myself.
I take my community through the process of turning Triggers into Deeper Self Love and
Conflict into Deeper Intimacy— because those were the skills I had to learn to create secure love,
and make sure that my son wasn’t growing up in a toxic environment
and repeating what was unresolved within me.
This event, which is exclusively for our CycleBreaker community, is open to 10 guests
who resonate with what I’m sharing and are ready to delve deep into something unconventional that WORKS
to get to the root cause of why we attract the partners we attract and can’t keep from repeating the same loop,
even though you might be intelligent and can give great advice to friends with the same problems.
This work is for those who want to learn what embodied self love looks like,
because they know that investing 6 hours on a Saturday (Sunday in Oz/NZ) for the sake of their kids, their health,
and their well-being is not only important, but ESSENTIAL and are willing to move through their fear and unworthiness
to get to the other side.
We have 5 spots remaining, and for those 5 who jump in this week, includes a 1-1 integration call with me afterwards
to help answer questions and ensure you get 100% of what you intended out of the event.
If you’re ready to take your relationships to the next level by choosing yourself,
Your wingman on this adventure,
Dr. Nima

When you're ready to heal your relationship/attachment wounds and create relationships that feel secure, here's what we got:

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