From Relationship Limbo To Finding Purpose

Written By Dr. Nima

On August 6, 2023

Working in the field of healing Trauma Bonds,
having a pretty strong (and controversial) opinion about what it takes to HEAL
when many therapies and modalities simply help people just COPE…

The topic of taking ownership and responsibility for how we show up in relationships is a very heated, and often misunderstood point I share,
especially when it comes to emotional and physical abuse.

When Jason attended his first Breathwork and Badassery event,
he was a Chiropractor who was feeling stuck in his career,
feeling disconnected from his purpose.

He didn’t share much with me about what was going on in his personal life,
but as it turns out, he was 6 months into a marriage where he was being abused,
both emotionally and physically.

What he discovered in his first Breathwork event led him down a rabbit hole
where he finally decided to address what had been swept underneath the rug for decades in his life.

In the video he shares the distinction between taking OWNERSHIP for healing from the abuse,
and taking BLAME.

This fundamental distinction is often what most people get completely wrong in the field of healing Trauma.

Not getting this distinction right keeps us stuck in a loop of victimhood, going from one abuser to another,
constantly feeling victimized, not trusting ourselves or others…

But when you hear what Jason discovered— you’ll truly GET what it takes to heal from this pattern,
and finally break the cycle.

Today Jason has connected deeply with his purpose and living life on his own terms from a place
where he felt stuck in Co-dependency.

I’ve grown to love Jason as a colleague and fellow #Cyclebreaker and am pleased to share this video with you.

Let me know what comes up for you when you watch it.

And if you relate to Jason’s story— when you’re ready to finally break the same patterns,
jump into one of our next upcoming events with the link provided…
just to get a taste of how our community operates…
And give yourself permission to be guided into a Breathwork journey,
or The Signature “Overview Experience” where jason likened it to “30 years of therapy in one day”.

Or, if you’ve been following long enough and you feel called to re-create yourself on the 2nd half of life’s journey
in a way that, like Jason— is dedicated to a calling that’s BEYOND what your past trauma patterns have dictated…

and you’re ready to become a #Cyclebreaker with my guidance,

apply for an “Intimacy Audit” session where we identify some blind spots that are holding you back,
and help you game plan your next steps moving forward.

See you at the next perfect time.

Your guide on the side,

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