Healing Love, Sex, And Money Conditioning

Written By Dr. Nima

On August 10, 2023

August 10th- September 29th For All Participants of Rewire: Love, Sex, and Money
(and open to everyone who is the right fit- Disclaimer at the bottom)

Announcing a Masterclass Series as a “Pre-Course” for all our Participants of our upcoming “Rewire: Love, Sex, and Money” event– September 29th- October 1st in North America.
And if you fit the description (see below) of who this is best suited for, then you’re welcome to join. 

Masterclass #1


Understanding the Push/Pull Dynamic
If you've ever got stuck in a Push/Pull dynamic in Love, wondering "Should I stay or go" and not really getting why the relationship(s) haven't been working for you, great news:

1) It's not your fault.

2) It's 100% your responsibility to solve this dilemma. 

This training will give you the background for your de-conditioning process.
Find out:
Is it love or a Trauma Bond? Here's how you can tell.
The real root cause of why you keep attracting the same type of person, or keep having the same arguments
How to create love that is secure, without having to abandon yourself.
Dr. Nima Rahmany (Retired Chiropractor, Trauma Bond guide and Interpersonal Healing specialist) will unpack the entire path to breaking the cycle in this one hour zoom training (with 30 minute Q and A session afterwards)

When: Wednesday August 16th @ 3pm PST to 4pm PST (plus Q and A)  6-7pm EST (8am Thursday the 17th for our friends in NSW)

Where: Healing Love, Sex, and Money Conditioning facebook group: Zoom registration provided in the group.

Masterclass #2:

Is the relationship Salvageable?

Understanding the Impact of Polarity and Our Sexual Shadows

In the raw aftermath of infidelity, a cloud of confusion, pain, and mistrust hangs heavy. The question at the forefront of many minds: "Is our bond truly broken, or can it be mended?" In this masterclass, we journey beyond the surface-level pains of betrayal, delving deep into the subtle realms of polarity and our hidden sexual shadows.

Key Takeaways:

The Anatomy of Infidelity: Understand the myriad of reasons that lead partners to stray, extending beyond mere lust or dissatisfaction.
The Power of Polarity: Discover how imbalances in masculine and feminine energies can inadvertently create rifts, pushing partners away from intimacy and towards external temptations.
Unveiling the Sexual Shadows: Every individual harbors suppressed desires, fears, and traumas – their "sexual shadows".
Learn how these can play a silent yet potent role in driving disconnection and infidelity.

Navigating Emotional Turmoil: Insights to process the intense emotions that arise post-betrayal.

The Path to Rebuilding: Unearth actionable steps to rebuild trust, rekindle intimacy, and determine if and how the relationship can be salvaged.

Guided by Chiropractor-Turned guide in healing from Trauma Bonds, this Masterclass promises an experience beyond blame and shame– into a transformative exploration of infidelity.
Whether you're navigating the turbulent waters of betrayal, looking to protect your relationship, or simply seeking deeper understanding, you’ll be taken through a journey that shines a light on the darkest corners of relationships, offering clarity and a roadmap to healing.
When: Wednesday August 23rd at 3pm-4pm PST (6-7pm EST) plus a 30 minute Q and A session with Dr. Nima afterwards. 8am on Thursday the 24th for our NSW friends

Where: Healing Love, Sex, and Money Conditioning facebook group: Zoom registration provided in the group.

Masterclass #3


Re-defining your sense of self worth
In the intricate dance between emotional wounds and financial decisions, there lies a powerful connection that many remain unaware of: the influence of trauma bonds on our financial behaviors and sense of self-worth.

This masterclass dives into the profound link between past traumas, our relationship with money, and the consequential impact on how we value ourselves.

Key Takeaways:

The Hidden Link: Explore the compelling connection between trauma bonds and our financial behaviors, understanding how past hurts shape current spending, saving, and valuing patterns.

Breaking the Cycle: Unearth the underlying triggers that lead to destructive financial decisions, and learn actionable strategies to interrupt and transform these patterns.

Re-Defining Self-Worth: Delve deep into exercises designed to separate your intrinsic worth from monetary successes and failures, fostering a more authentic and stable sense of self-value.

Financial Healing: Embark on a journey of not just emotional, but also financial healing, as we provide insights to restructure and reclaim your financial well-being from the clutches of trauma.

Empowering Choices: Armed with newfound insights, learn how to make empowered financial choices that align with your true worth and long-term goals.

Guided by Dr. Nima Rahmany this masterclass is more than just a financial literacy course. It's an invitation to transform your relationship with money and, more crucially, with yourself. 

Whether you're wrestling with financial challenges, seeking to break free from past traumas, or striving to forge a healthier relationship with your self-worth, this masterclass holds the keys to unlocking a brighter, financially empowered future.

When: Wednesday August 30th @ 3pm PST to 4pm PST (plus Q and A)  6-7pm EST (8am Thursday the 24th for our friends in NSW)

Where: Healing Love, Sex, and Money Conditioning facebook group: Zoom registration provided in the group.

Masterclass #4

BECOMING TRIGGER-PROOF: How to Shift Your Insecure Patterns

Dismantling Conflict to Create Deeper Intimacy and Purpose

In the realm of relationships and personal growth, triggers often serve as unseen landmines, detonating when least expected and causing rifts, doubts, and emotional turmoil.

Yet, what if these very triggers could be defused and transformed into pathways for deeper connection, intimacy, and purpose? In this transformative masterclass, we delve into the art and science of becoming trigger-proof.

Key Takeaways:

Anatomy of a Trigger: Understand what truly constitutes a trigger, why they exist, and how they tie into our deepest insecurities.

From Reaction to Response: Learn actionable strategies to shift from being reactive to choosing empowered responses, even in the heat of the moment.

Dismantling Conflict: Equip yourself with tools to not just manage but dissolve conflicts, turning moments of tension into opportunities for growth.

Deepening Intimacy: Discover exercises designed to utilize triggers as bridges to deeper intimacy, fostering a stronger bond with your partner.

Finding Purpose in Pain: Transform your perception of past traumas and triggers, recognizing them as guiding posts towards a more purpose-driven life.

Building Emotional Resilience: Cultivate the skills to navigate future challenges with grace, understanding, and resilience, ensuring lasting personal growth.

Guided by Dr. Nima, "BECOMING TRIGGER-PROOF" is more than a masterclass; it's a journey towards self-awareness, empowerment, and authentic connection. Whether you're navigating the intricate dynamics of a relationship, seeking deeper personal growth, or yearning for a life less dictated by hidden triggers, this session offers the insights and tools to craft a more harmonious, purposeful existence.

When: Wednesday September 6th @ 3pm PST to 4pm PST (plus Q and A)  6-7pm EST (8am Thursday the 24th for our friends in NSW)

Where: Healing Love, Sex, and Money Conditioning facebook group: Zoom registration provided in the group.



(who this is for)

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, Facebook has banned my page from being able to create facebook live broadcasts, so to solve this issue, we are curating this group for a specific, emotionally mature audience who is able to digest and consume content that can be activating without becoming rude or disrespectful.

Since my team and I are offering this for free, normally for students and clients who are willing to invest to receive guidance and training from us, to ensure this message lands on the right people, we have created a questionnaire that must be completed by everyone before they enter the group so that we can make sure we are talking to real folks with real facebook profiles, with real challenges who are wanting support.

This group is ideal for Working Professionals who: 

People who identify as intelligent and committed to growth
Men and women in relationships wondering: “should I stay or go?

Men and women in Sexless marriages wondering if they can ever re-ignite the spark
Men and women impacted by infidelity (both sides of the coin)
Men and women impacted by sex addiction and pornography
Men and women who have lost the erotic tension in their relationships
Men who feel emasculated in their relationships
Women who are tired of being in their masculine in their relationships
Men and Women who want to break the cycle of Intergenerational Trauma so their kids don’t have the same experience they do
Are aware their health challenges have something to do with their inability to handle stress and conflict
Working Professionals who feel stuck at a certain financial level they can’t seem to break the ceiling and want to
Single Men and women who want to upgrade their status so that they can attract higher level of partner and feel worthy of it

If this sounds like you– jump into the facebook group, fill out the questionnaire, and introduce yourself (requesting you do it without a photograph– it’s not a dating site). 

There, you’ll receive two bonus trainings to welcome you in the pinned posts.

Join us with this link

When you're ready to heal your relationship/attachment wounds and create relationships that feel secure, here's what we got:

1) Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and binge watch my videos

2) Subscribe to my Podcast "TriggerProof Transmissions"

Are you ready to work together? I'd love to see if we are the right fit. Apply HERE.

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