Heroes Become Villains

Written By Dr. Nima

On June 23, 2023

If you’ve ever watched a Superhero movie, you’ll notice a common theme in every single one:

The Hero ends up becoming the perceived villain at some point.

Somewhere down the line,
they fail to meet the pedestal-like expectations placed upon them.

You’ll notice the same thing has happened to you as well.

In relationships whenever you try to rescue someone…

From their sadness and grief,
from their addiction,
from their financial mess…

INEVITABLY, that hero/rescuer complex
gets exhausting,
and we burn out, leaving a trail of resentment behind.

The same thing happens with our healing journey
when we are seeking professionals to help us.

I used to want to be that hero.

Back in 2015, I created the Overview Method and used it to help
rescue people from their unwanted emotional state,
and boy did it work.

I went from being completely invisible and unknown
to having a global following willing to travel the world from 5 different countries
to learn how to apply the Method in their lives to help others….

THAT’S how impactful it was.

The problem was, that at the time, I hadn’t addressed my attachment traumas,
and neither did my methodology.

It was mostly cognitive (top-down) and wasn’t focussed on the somatic (bottom-up) approach to addressing childhood wounding.

As a result of not addressing it, I was helping others as a means of feeling relevant, to help compensate for my lack of significance, and lack of feeling seen and heard as a child.

When we operate from our rescuer/hero mask,
we grow resentful as people then don’t hold THEMSELVES accountable and lean on their “hero” too much.

And when that happens, you aren’t working with a professional who’s helping you…

You’re creating CO-DEPENDENCY.

You’ll be surprised how many people have merely transferred their Co-dependency from their partners
to their therapists or counsellors.

To truly heal, we must change the conversation,
and find GUIDES who are ACTIVELY engaged in their own Trauma Healing work.

When we find the right guide,
you are brought back home to YOURSELF.

You connect with your inner navigation system.
The Voice within.

A true teacher doesn’t heal you — but merely teaches you skills and tools to be able to access your Inner Voice.
A true teacher has just as much to learn from you as you do from them.
That way, when you don’t have them on a pedestal as your hero,
they don’t need to ever become the villain in your life.

You get to find the Hero within.

This is a clip from our recent “Overview Experience” event when someone asked me about how to find the right support in our healing journey. This clip is my response. Watch it and let me know what comes up for you.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your relationship dynamic, feeling like you’re ready to level-up and find the confidence, clarity and courage to become the master of magnetism,
highly skilled at relationship dynamics, and become the active operator of your nervous system,
so you can feel safe in your skin, secure in your relationships, and on purpose with what you do,

and you’ve been following me and are curious what it’s like to be guided by someone who’s dedicated his entire life to teaching people how to break cycles of intergenerational trauma
and heal family dynamics so that kids can be raised with secure attachments in the home, knowing who they truly are with full self-expression,
jump in with the link and join us at our upcoming event.

See you at the next perfect time…

Your guide on the side,
Dr. Nima

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