If You Want To Heal Trauma— Focus Here…

Written By Dr. Nima

On April 6, 2023
Think about your relationship to physical and emotional pain.
Do you keep trying to avoid it— only to find yourself in it constantly?
How has your relationship to pain impacted your life?
Being a bit of a freak— I find myself thinking about this stuff.
I’ve realized as a society— we’ve got it backwards.
It was such a huge revelation to me when I was in my Chiropractic practice.
People were coming to me to remove pain.
It’s obvious. That’s the main reason to go to a Doctor.
“Doc, get me out of pain.”
It wasn’t very fulfilling for me to be an “alternative” to a painkiller.
Especially when I made a startling discovery in my practice that unresolved attachment wounds
translate to the distress we carry in our bodies.
So I found myself treating the “downstream issue” that was created by unresolved trauma
from childhood and relationship conflicts.
What a mind F** that was to realize.
I went through an identity crisis when I realized I wasn’t truly helping people heal to their full potential.
Healing means “to make whole”.
In the context of pain relief, it happens when we get to the original wound,
and instead of REMOVING the wound (which is impossible),
our work is to create the capacity of the system to CONTAIN it.
Put another way— it means when you lose someone you love,
you can’t remove the pain of the loss…
When you do, you expand your internal container to carry love and gratitude for the person you lost.
Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.
Suffering comes from the expectation of pleasure without pain.
It comes from the inability to contain the discomfort.
Truly Healing from breakup or dismantling our Trauma Bond is NOT about removing pain
or even talking about or around it.
It’s about integrating it:  It’s about expanding the CAPACITY of your Nervous System to move it through the body.
When you do, you experience a sense of relief akin to the way it feels after you throw up.
It’s a gross analogy— but it fits.
If we don’t focus our attention on the right path— and stay focussed on talking endlessly about our version of the story
and getting validated by it— we’re actually doing the OPPOSITE of healing.
We’re COPING by AVOIDING our pain and projecting it outwards.
That resistance causes it to persist.
If you're ready to actually learn how to HEAL instead of cope so that you can feel safer in your skin,
less anxious, more confident, and less insecure in your relationships,
Our somatic and cognitive practices we teach in our containers leave you feeling a sense of connection you’ve never felt before…
All because you’ve finally learned how to get to the OTHER side of your pain.
It’s never been a more important time than NOW for our collective to focus on HEALING rather than coping by avoiding.
Trauma Bonds are manifestations of us simply avoiding the pain of change by choosing the pain of staying stuck.
If you’ve been wondering how to feel safer in your skin and trusting in your ability to face your  "darker half" and feel connected to yourself and others--
Join us at our next upcoming event and you’ll get trained on how to create magic by changing your relationship to pain itself.
See you at the next perfect time.
Your guide on the side,

P.S When you're ready, here's what we got:

Are you ready to work together? I'd love to see if we are the right fit. Apply HERE.

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