Individuation: The Secret Intention Behind Healing

Written By Dr. Nima

On May 8, 2023

It was a painful realization for me.

I couldn’t stand being in between my parents and my first wife.

I hated feeling like I was stuck in the middle.
My wife at the time felt like I didn’t have her back.

My parents felt frustrated about certain traits about her,
and didn’t hesitate to let me know whenever an issue came up.

I was unprepared for this.

The anxiety of it caused me to say “F*CK THIS” and like the avoidant I was, I ended the marriage.

My parents opinion of me, their critical voice never left the back of my mind.

It was maddening.

I tried to block it out.

I tried to rebel against it by choosing partners I KNEW they wouldn’t approve of.

The sad truth is — even if you’re doing something as a means of saying “f*ck you” to your parents,


This silent, “invisible fence” was at the root cause of my mental health challenges (anxiety)
and my relationship challenges.

I was living life unconsciously fighting AGAINST their “introjected” voices in my head.

It took a massive wake up call for me to realize why none of the healing modalities, no personal development courses, no therapies could ever break this cycle,


It was hard.

I had to learn how to get out of my head and get into my body. I had to learn how to integrate my shadow parts and master the art of Nervous System regulation….

I had to become a Cyclebreaker.

When I did, something shifted.

I met Diana, and no longer chose someone based on who I “thought” would be approved of.
I started making choices based on my own vision, and was 100% ok with others who disagreed with my path.

Slowly, everything in my life began to shift,
and ironically so did my relationship with my family.

Little did I know that “Individuation” was the missing link and key component that 100% of us are responsible for achieving,
if we want to create a life of meaning, purpose, and connection.

That’s why its so meaningful for me to guide others to break free from their unconscious bonds to that trauma that kept them stuck,
has them repeating co-dependency patterns,
constant people pleasing,
choosing people that don’t choose them….
insecure attachment patterns…

all of that doesn’t mean that there is ANYTHING wrong with you.

It just means you haven’t yet “individuated” and you’re at the effect of GENERATIONS of cultural and family system influence.


If this note is speaking to you… and you’re curious about what the process of individuation looks like,
jump into our next upcoming event and see what the work is really about.

It won’t happen overnight, so there’s an opportunity for you to learn how to make this an everyday awareness and practice.

But if you are tired of being so EXTERNALLY focussed that you have been disconnected from yourself and you’re ready to invest in being guided back home to yourself — fill out the application to see if we’re the right fit to work together.
Let us know what’s been stopping you and what
your’e committed to creating in the next few months.

First hurdle is deciding that our lives are actually WORTH breaking these patterns for. For me it was a no brainer.
I didn’t want to live the 2nd half of my life constrained by the same patterns that held me back.

It was the greatest decision and the best investment I could ever make….

My own healing.

Now I get to lead a community of cyclebreakers to do the same.

I’m curious — if you were to break free from the Matrix of your old patterns in life and relationships…


Let me know.
I’m curious.

Your guide on the side,

When you're ready to heal your relationship/attachment wounds and create relationships that feel secure, here's what we got:

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