Not Knowing This About Trauma Will Hurt You

Written By Dr. Nima

On June 23, 2023

Not understanding Trauma is hurting you. And if you’re a parent, chances are,
without even being aware,
the unconscious and subtle nature of how trauma passes like a virus
is causing us to pass it down intergenerationally to our children.

That’s why in every single one of my trainings and offerings,
it’s my mission to teach what I had no clue about
so that people could break the cycle that didn’t begin with them.

The truth?

Trauma isn’t about specifically “what happened” to us.

We can go through really scary and painful things,
but if we are surrounded by people who understand Trauma,
and exactly what to do with it, we can return back to safety.

It’s when we are raised by care-givers who are so at the effect of their OWN Trauma that they DON’T UNDERSTAND AND KNOW:

how to hold space for us,
how to help us process and validate our emotions,
how to lead us instead of threaten us with discipline to get us to behave…. how to help us feel seen and heard and understood
how to have our preferences, values, and reality validated…

All that causes us to
grow up conditioned and trained to feel we must work and perform to be loveable,
feel unworthy of love just for being ourselves,
feel we must put on a mask and play a role in order to get our needs met


No therapy and endless amount of talking and telling our childhood stories and venting each week will resolve this.

Every single one of our students in our #cyclebreakers community says the same thing:

“Talk therapy has been helpful, but I haven’t made any progress. I’m still reacting the same, and getting into the same arguments.”
Or “No matter what courses or therapy I do, I’m still choosing the same partners and getting into the same relationship dynamics. WHY?”

It’s because we’re not addressing it at its ROOT, and becoming ACTIVE operators of our Nervous Systems that are stuck
with stored Survival Stress.

When we don’t get to the root, we are spinning our wheels feeling like it’s Groundhog day. Feeling like a failure,
Sabotaging any chance of progress and growth,

as we are constantly pulled back into the familiar as an attempt to resolve it once and for all.

But we simply CAN’T resolve it unless we Get the MANUAL for learning how to make our Nervous Systems our ALLY,
not our enemy.

This clip is from a recent Overview Event where I train the Community about the Insidious Nature of Trauma and the ONLY way
we can ever address it if we have any hope of resolving it: THROUGH THE BODY.

I share the “why” and the “what” before we as a community deep dive into the HOW.

When we master this, our co-dependent relationship dynamics shift
to reflect the change in our relationship to ourselves and our Shadow/Younger parts we abandoned in those moments of Trauma.

Not understanding all of this caused me to repeat my co-dependency cycles in my relationships,
and once I learned this, I was able to become a safe container for a secure relationship to thrive.

Within a few months, I “called in” Diana and I was able to do something I never was able to do before:

Trust myself to get married again.
And most importantly: Have a family and raise a son, who’s now almost 2 years old in a secure and stable home,
not having to take on the Trauma that has been unresolved within me.

If this resonates with you, and you’re wanting to end the vicious cycle so you can feel safe in your skin,
love what you see in the mirror,
feel connected to your heart and intuition,
connect to purpose, and most importantly….

to learn how to PAY IT FORWARD….

click the link and join us at our next upcoming event,
and apply for an “Intimacy Audit” session so you can learn how to become a cyclebreaker.

Your health, your confidence and your connection with life depends on it.

See you at the next perfect time.

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